37 months

Sunday, January 20, 2008

37 months ago to the day i leased my jetta. i have two months left to go on my 39 month lease, and right now i am trying to decide if i want to buy my car or get a new one. but that decision is for another day.

what really got me thinking was when i saw on my monthly invoice that i had made 37 payments, i honestly got a bit sentimental. so much has changed in the more than three years that have passed.

december 2005 i was still living in canton with stepho, and i was working at a small marketing agency. i was happy. i was hanging with the north canton kids and the dp crew and that was more than enough fun for me to handle (I think my liver is still recovering from that year).

to this day i am still good friends with 90% of the people that were important to me at that time. a few friendships unfortunately got lost along the way but that ended up being for the best...

when i got the car i had absolutely no plans of ever leaving canton, but i am so happy i did. by far my decision to move to cleveland was the best decision i could have ever made. i don’t think a "canton’s a plum" blog would have been quite as interesting. although i do miss going to the haus five nights a week (I told you my liver needed to recover), it's a good thing canton is only a 50 minute trip down 77.

alright, enough of this sentimental crap. i need to make fun of someone - stat.


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