after post one, comes two

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

now that i have been messing with fonts and colors on my new blog for the last hour i have decided to stop doing that and write something. the problem is i have this not so glorious taste in my mouth...

why you ask? i'm drinking a glass of chardonnay.

i am NOT a fan of chardonnay. it tastes like bitter chunks of cedar wood. i would normally not be drinking chardonnay but my lovely neighbor, we'll call her the wino during this post, stopped over to visit. my visits with the wino tend to be the highlight of my day. usually we are drinking a nice pinot noir but not tonight, it is too cold to leave the apartment and the only thing we have that is worth wasting/drinking on an uneventful wednesday night in is this nasty bottle of chardonnay. now i am not one to turn down a glass of wine, but this wine is made to be spit out. perhaps that is why it was discontinued and on sale at constantino's. go figure.

the wino's husband just brought over a bottle of wine to save us from drinking cedar wood. thank you wino's husband.


  1. I don't like being called 'the wino'! how about naming me 'the beautiful' or 'the spectacular' in your next post!!!

  2. If she's the wino what does that make me???? Mwahh haa. I am so jealous that you are now a boozehound. Where were you when I was sucking the sauce nightly huh? On a nother note, I am going for sushi tonight. Very excited. I haven't had it once since I have moved. It won't be the same though...

  3. i am not sure what is worse, chardonnay or your good ole friend andre...i myself am going to drink a corona left over from New Years. i am however very excited for your blog and what each day will bring...


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