awesome chair

Monday, January 7, 2008

who here has had a ridiculously embarrassing moment recently?

about an hour ago i was having an internal meeting, (thankfully no clients had to witness what happened) sitting like an angel listening to my boss and colleagues discuss an upcoming meeting. well apparently i was leaning too far forward on the ROLLING office chair that i was sitting in because the darn thing flipped completely forward throwing me to the ground with a big bang. what do i do? laugh. but the awkward thing was that no one else really laughed. i mean if i was sitting in a meeting, especially one with only coworkers, and someones chair flipped completely over i would point and laugh. perhaps thats the devil in me.

now i think this would be embarrassing to anyone. but what makes it that much worse is that it wasn't the first time it happened. in october i was carving a pumpkin (yes, my office has a pumkin carving contest during halloween, my team won. boo ya!) and apparently i was really getting into it and the same thing happened when the ROLLING chair flipping completely over. both times my boss had to not only help me up but return the chair into the standard upright position. awesome, welcome to the team.

moral of the story is. i will NEVER sit the in the middle chair on the front side of the conference table again. i swear the floor has got to be on an incline or something.

so tonight is the big game! O-H! I-O! dr wild reserved a table at the blind pig for a group of our friends to watch the game. all i know is there will be food, beer and lots of televisions. it should be a good game, so go bucks!


  1. way to break another chair.

    :: anonymous

  2. Hahahaha!! I can totally picture it!!

    And don't worry my plum, if I was there I would have laughed so hard I'd pee in my pants!! And then some! :)

  3. don::t worry it happened to me a couple of years ago.

  4. I witnessed this, it was hilarious.

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