Friday, January 18, 2008

omg. this really famous cleveland sports icon (rhymes with ernie shosar) is going to be in my office this afternoon to film a spot for a commercial we are producing for his newest business venture an arena football league called the cleveland gladiators. i'm totally going to try to take a picture with my camera phone paparazzi style. stay tuned...

on a side note, do you think "ernie" is going to feel awkward when he walks into the office and sees that we still have a browns themed christmas tree next to my desk, or when he walks downstairs and sees browns banners and neon lights, with a side of grown men weeping?

UPDATE: "ernie" came in totally cool and was nice to the whole staff, even posed for a couple of pictures. one of my co-workers apparently started to feel really comfortable with him, he called him bern. bff's for ever.


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