Sunday, January 13, 2008

awesome bloggers

...and hijinks ensued
a[tipp]ical thoughts
alice's wonderland

angilio - loud and proud

big time fancy
berg with fries
elle michelle

everything is wrong with me

gorgeous footsteps in the sand
half deserted streets

i hate so much

it's like, i'm...mmmagic!

just a small town girl

kyla bea

la dolce vita

livit luvit
long winded and proud
maiden metallurgist

marie's blog cafe

no ordinary rollercoaster

oh! how lovely!
on the road with cavy
our little apartment
peter dewolf
public intoxication
post secret
skrinkering hearts

speak on it

stylish handwriting
the change i wish to see
the everyday adventures of me in the city
the modern gal

the pilgrim congress
the tambourine queen

thinking some more
transient travels
to kiss the cook
you are flawed if you are not free

cleveland bloggers

27 dresses in cleveland
all lacquered up
addicted to vinyl
blogging jason

brewed fresh daily

but not everyday
candis heckling

chef's widow

cleveland bachelor
CLE clothing co
cleveland foodie
cleveland frowns
confessions of a cohabitant

encounters of the human kind

from the cheap seats
i heart cleveland

i rock cleveland

life, liberty and the pursuit of your boyfriend
life on mars
mick boogie
my friend cleveland

northcoast lifestyle

okay seriously

political science 216

random rants and musings

sensory overload

taawd's thoughts
tricia's dish
waiting for next year
white collar redneck
yes, i'm judging you


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  2. I am thankful for my daughter and my husband, and also Joey.

  3. I am thankful for my siste taking care of my mother.

  4. hm.. bookmarked thoughts!


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