bucket list

Thursday, January 10, 2008

morning plum heads. it's always sunny in clevelands! sike, well today at least it is.

so on the cover of the plain dealer arts & life section this morning there was a piece on notable clevelanders "bucket list". has anyone seen the preview for the movie that they are talking about? the premise is two older fellas (played by jack nicholson and morgan freeman) attempting to cross things off this list before they kick the... wait for it... bucket. honestly i cried at the preview when i saw it in the theater (i was a bit weepy that day i guess). after the preview it got me thinking about what i wanted to accomplish. then when the PD had their article starring at me with my morning coffee, i knew i had to put finger to keyboard and write out my bucket list.

here it is, wild to mild.
  • get married and have kids (standard)
  • go to the sundance film festival in utah
  • spend at least a month straight on the island of st. john in the virgin islands
  • go back to mackinac island (mackinac island will have to be a whole post in itself one day)
  • be cast on a reality tv show
  • own a boat (preferably a yacht purchased with the money i win on the reality show)
  • wear a bikini (must look HOT in it or it doesn't count)
  • sit court side at a cavs game
  • go to the golden globes
  • work on a national marketing/advertising campaign
  • own a range rover (has to be new)
  • go over a year without getting a speeding ticket
  • go wine tasting in napa valley
  • see my grandkids graduate from college
i think that is a pretty decent bucket list. i'd be happy to cross any of the above off my list. reading it now though the list seems pretty shallow and materialistic. oops.

what are some things on your bucket list? happy commenting people!


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