gone till never

Thursday, January 17, 2008

wyclef jean is playing at the house of blues this upcoming tuesday and EVERYONE needs to buy tickets and go. this show is going to be hot. i haven't looked so forward to a show in a really long time. i can honestly recite the carnival album verbatim from beginning to end. that was such a good year when it came out, senior in high school about to go to college. man that was good times.

from the fugees, hips don't lie, maria maria, perfect gentleman and the other 437 hits he has had. this is a must see show. hey wyclef-can you bring all of your collaborators too? now that would be p-i-m-p.

here's some videos to get ya all excited... (the first one is for you sissy)

lookie lookie lookie lookie lookie lookie here...

lyfe jennings and mick boogie are also on the bill. you know you wanna go.


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