Happy New Year

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

alright alright people i'm starting my blog. you can relax now...

i woke up yesterday thinking about 2007 and what i wanted 2008 to become, by the evening nothing had really come to fruition. but by dinner the topic of new years resolutions comes up around the dinner table (pork and sauerkraut, standard meal) and we all (my big fat greek family) started listing things.

here's mine

1. work out and eat right (this has been my go to resolution since around 1990)
2. stop buying designer bags (this is going to be a tough one)
3. stop instantly judging people (this is going to be a REALLY tough one)
4. let the past be the past and instead of dwelling on it learn from it (this one is going to be easy)
5. put the cellphone away when i have had too many glasses of pinot noir (my roommate has a similar no drunk texting resolution that i think is brilliant)
6. START MY BLOG!!!!!!!!

so here is my #6 resolution in full force...

i have had the idea of blogging for sometime now but was hesitant because frankly it is pretty nerve wracking putting yourself out on the web for all to see/read.

i mean there needs to be a theme, look and feel, tone... the list can go on and on. eventually i figured out that i was thinking too much about starting the blog and i just need to start the darn thing.

so here it is, cleveland's a plum! granted the phrase itself is pretty retro, i mean the title alone can arguably be called the worst marketing campaign of all time but something about it has always spoken to me. perhaps it is because i am always talking up cleveland, and northeast ohio in a positive light that i constantly "sell" it to friends, family and colleagues.

hey guys, new york may be the big apple.. but cleveland's a plum!

i ask one thing of my glorious readers, be patient with me. im doing this for the first time, and have no idea where this project is going to take me. but i'll tell you this, im excited to see where it ends up.

so check back often for my thoughts, ideas, comments and concerns about my life living and working downtown in little ol cleveland.

stay tuned.....


  1. No drunk texting. Brilliant!

  2. Yay, Alexa!!! Your wit, wisdom and humor finally have a home! While I think it's great that you're giving up "instantly judging people", can I put in a plug for "judging people after a prolonged assessment" and furthermore, writing about it in your blog?

  3. Cleveland is the juiciest plum of them all! The kind that shoots out a little when you bite into it as runs down your chin.
    You forgot resolution #7 - spend more time with your neighbor, if that's even possible! :)

  4. About darn time. Good resolutions. Also good to put them on your blog so that you can see how far you have gotten. I will help you in any way I can! I just have one question, if you judge people too fast, how on earth did we become such good friends??? Ha!

  5. you're from the akron suburbs.

  6. jesse- canton is NOT an akron suburb. am i going to have to ban you from my blog? : P

  7. Alexis leaving LA (Lower Akron) has done wonders for you!! Keep the words flowing!!!

  8. Instantly judging people is kind of like drinking and gambling; I should probably quit, but I kind of like it.

    Go Cleveland.

  9. beav- if you keep calling me alexis in public, people are going to start thinking that you don't know my real name

  10. hey girl... i started my blog as one of my new years things too! great minds think alike. your blog has been entertaining so far & i cant wait to read whats next.
    from my apple to your plum!

    xoxo hellooooo-gorgeous!

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