holy hannah!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

hannah montana has taken over downtown. even if it is just for one night. i didn't go to the show but she had her effect on my night. ugh.

talk about traffic! getting from my apartment to the 90W on ramp took a lot longer than normal. due in part to the massive amount of stretch limos and buses taking over ontario ave... so much so that they ran out of room in front of the Q and had to park an additional 15 plus limos on the grassy boulevard area across the street. let me tell you the parents went all out for this concert. lucky kids. (although i did go see new kids on the block twice when i was a kid, once in a limo, guess i was pretty lucky too)

so tonight i went to the old stand in lakewood for dinner. i dined with my three blonde friends, basically when im with them i laugh so hard i snort. this night was no exception. the food isn't anything to write home about but it is cheap. i obviously had to get some fried ravioli (jealous poo poo?) we were celebrating one of my friends getting a new job. congrats beav!

so now its time for guitar hero 3 with the wino. scratch that - the georgia peach. the wino now equals the georgia peach. done and done.


  1. lucky for me hannah montana rolls into my hometown tonight but since i live in the "burbs" i don't see traffic being a problem. I LOVE GUITAR HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We played II last night and were slightly disappointed. probably the reason they made III. You should check out Rock the 80's it's pretty cool too.

  2. Yeay!! I love my new name!!

    If you get a Guitar Hero tonight fever come on over! We'll just be hanging out.

    I think I'm going skiing tomorrow if you want to take out the hound dog while we're gone and then you can play G.H. ALL DAY!?!?!

  3. Holla atcha, Beav!!! Building Buddies!

  4. I believe the correct name for them are Toasted Raviolis or as the cool kids in the Lou call them T Ravs. And yes, I am jealous. But only if they are the meat ones, the cheese just don't do anything for me!

  5. kath- how many blogger identities do you have?!?!

  6. I am so happy that concert is over! All week I feel like that concert is the only thing the local media talked about. And I refused to buy my nieces any Hanna stuff (or Webkinz for that matter). I went to see the New Kids, too, (sans limo) but don't remember it being this crazy (although I do think I cried because my sister made me late).

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