how old am i?

Saturday, January 19, 2008

last night i went over to poo poo's parents house in westlake because she had just gotten in from chicago. the beav and her parents were over there as well. we drank lots of wine (i even brought over my favorite bottle of jaffurs syrah to celebrate) ate some grub and all just caught up.

the parents eventually left and went to bed and poo poo and i decided that we were going to go stay at the beav's condo right down the road. we grabbed some more wine from poo poo's parents wine fridge and got ready to leave. as we were cleaning up the kitchen two oranges and a banana just happened to by lying on the kitchen counter. beav decided to leave the following image for poo poo's parents to find in the morning.

i'm 27 years old, at what age do i stop finding this absolutely hysterical?!?!


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