jacob's field no more

Saturday, January 12, 2008

better get used to it kids, it is going to be progressive field for the next 16 years. in a deal that has progressive insurance on average spending $3.6 million annually for the naming rights, the 70 year old cleveland based company has finally decided to start spending some serious dollars in the cleveland market that homes its national headquarters.

there is so much hullabaloo going on right now about jacob's field being no more. and to some degree i agree. the people of cleveland although wonderful are not the best with change. so the thought of the precious jake being no more is obviously causing quite a stir.

i see a couple sides to the coin. the end of the jacob's era makes me sad. dick jacobs did so much for downtown cleveland when so many other names (art modell) were selling off their investments. jacobs swooped in and said hey, i believe in cleveland. so much so that i am going to invest millions of development dollars into this city and into the indians franchise (granted i'm sure he made some dough on the whole affair for himself). since 1994 downtown cleveland has been that much better. i mean how many straight seasons in a row did the indians sell out jacobs field every game. 4 years? 5 years? i'm not sure but it was a lot. it is the end of the jacobs era and i think there needs to be some sort of shrine to dick jacobs in the new progressive field. we should thank him that we even have a progressive field to watch our indians in.

now what's wrong with progressive insurance? nothing. (well other then the ridiculously high insurance premium i have to pay on my car, but that isn't entirely their fault) i think it is about time they put their stamp on cleveland on a more prominent level. they are a huge national brand, right in our back yard, and i'm glad they are spending their money in cleveland. we'll take it! i would rather have progressive's name on the former jake then some company based out of minnesota. i'm glad we are keeping it in northeast ohio. i think the root of the naming is good, but only time will tell what progressive will do with the power of it.

so now my fellow clevelanders we will just have to get used to calling the jake "the prog". we can do it. i mean it only took us 3 years to quit calling the Q the gund.


  1. This is my personal prune of the week! Big Business is taking over! I am boycotting! It will always be Jacob's Field to me (call me a small town girl unwilling to change because I am stubborn)!

  2. ummmmm. and the jacob's group wasn't big business???

    k, have fun boycotting, i'll be chillin at the batters eye

  3. I'm with you - I see both sides. I personally dislike the name Progessive Field; however, I am very happy Peter Lewis is keeping his money here versus sending millions off to other cities as he has done in the past (although I do agree with him, this city is run by lawyers and if it took him boycotting Cleveland for a few years to get people to wake up, then so be it). So, I hate the name, but like you, better to have it here then somewhere else. Good point on the Gund/Q. But more so then the name, I hate the logo. They have one of the best design shops in the country as an agency - why didn't they allow them to design the logo???


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