the loud one

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

for those of you that don't personally know me i'm going to let you in on a little secret... i'm loud. like really loud. i seriously think my parents failed to pass me the quiet gene. but not only am i loud on the decibel level but i like to talk (a lot), and i randomly burst into song. sound obnoxious you say? i have been told it is endearing. i'm gonna go with that.

there are several instances that my loudness (and my very distinctive raspy voice) have been brought to my attention. here are some examples:

:: when i worked at a publishing house in my early twenty's everyone in my office had their name programmed into their phone. after a short period of time i noticed that my name had been changed from alexa to "the loud one".

:: i often laugh so loudly that i snort. seriously i can't help it. (i actually just snorted thinking about snorting)

:: when i first moved into my apartment, before i knew my glorious neighbors the georgia peach and her husband i was the loud neighbor. they told me that when they first noticed that i had moved in was when they suddenly had the ability to hear this random girls phone conversations word for word. a few weeks later we actually met face to face at a party and georgia peach knew i was her new neighbor because of my voice. in my defense the "a-ha we have a neighbor" conversation that she was talking about was when i had just heard that one of my dearest and oldest friends had gotten engaged and had asked me to be in her wedding. i was a bit excited! (i have since gotten accustomed to "apartment living" and the thin walls)

:: my loud laugh has been used as a measure for how funny something is. the beav swears that if i'm not laughing the joke is a bomb! i also have been called out by a comedian on stage, he said, "i'm apparently doing something right, because this girl is going nuts!". of course at that point the entire club turns around to see who he is talking about.

:: i drove a lot when i was at the university of dayton (ghetto cruise, obvy). specifically to wendy's after the bar closed. we had a very special wendy's at dayton. it was open 24 hours, and served breakfast! we went a lot. usually i had like 6 girls crammed into my sentra. we ordered lots of JBC's, #6's and fries. how this is relating to me being loud comes in now. i was always driving, so in turn i was always the one ordering, they knew my voice by heart and the dude would always slip me the kids meal toys. once i didn't go to wendy's for over a month and upon my next trip the guy taking the order goes, "where have you been? we missed you and your voice!". creepy right?

:: i went to the an ENT doctor to check on the constant raspyness of my voice and the doctor informed me that i had vocal nodules (basically a callus on my vocal cords created from over use). the only cure was to stop talking and rest my voice. sure.

:: at my current job we have a very open environment (no cubes and no set office space). this obviously allows the team to hear EVERYTHING that we are all doing. this morning ziggy asks woolman if he could "go ahead and turn the volume down on the alexa machine". upon hearing this i laughed so hard i snorted. at least i'm a good sport right??

:: i'm greek, 'nuff said

i think sometimes i over compensate for my loudness because i have been told on a couple of occasions while i was on the phone with potential clients for example, that when i use my "business voice" i tend to sound like a sex phone operator. i think i was scarred from those comments and now i just scream so people don't think i use my voice to sell fluff. ew.


  1. OH MY GOD!!! You just made me snort.

  2. It's the nodules. You are so loud. But it is lovely!

  3. lexa!! i think you meant the quiet gene but anyways i love reading ur blogg...

    and dont forget i need to come spend the night in cleveland...GIRLS NIGHT!! =]

  4. You're Greek and loud and went to UD. If my roommate and I had a retroactive baby - it'd be you. Weird.

  5. Don't worry I'm loud too. During a game of "what if", the question was, "If Lindsay was a body part, what would she be?" A resounding 7 out of 8 people said mouth.

    Be loud and proud...ha!

  6. Oh my goodness "giggle giggle giggle" (my signature laugh)! This is hilarious because yes, I can hear you everywhere! Like when Old Man L heard you 5 rows over in Target! Or last night at Sushi Rock! I didn't even need to turn around! It is what makes you so special! Muuuoah

  7. i can vouch for this missing gene!..

    i aleays got yelled at in college becuase people told me i dind't knoew how to whisper ha ha

    i think our whisper is most people's normal speaking voice.. ha

  8. I can vouch for this missing gene!

    i always got in trouble in college because people said i couldn't whisper..

    I think our whisper is most people's normal speaking voice.. ha

  9. i tried to teach you in college how to use your inside voice. apparently i failed miserably. you are the loudest person i know. god you are loud. my ears hurt just thinking about it.

  10. It must be from your Dad's side, not mine.... Your entire life I have told you to use your inside voice. I failed you are still loud. The vocal nodules were from the loudness. Those are better now, since you don't go out quite as much, Thank God. XOXO

  11. i had to add my nodules to the post. i totally forgot about that! duh!

    jenna-i love that my 15 year old cousin reads AND corrects my spelling. i guess thats why you are literally the smartest girl in your class!

    dr wild-i also forgot about that instance!

    teen-your pretty loud too missy!

  12. I'm part Greek and I think that makes us louder than everyone else. My bf's roomie always tells us that we are the loudest couple alive. The BF blames me because he has to yell over me...I think he has some Greek in him...or maybe Redheads are loud genetically too...hmmmm....

  13. This is hilarious!

    I just wanted to stop by and say hi :) I saw you added me on your blogroll through Technorati!

  14. The Minister Of CultureJanuary 23, 2008 at 11:00 PM

    I was going to suggest you use your inside voice.Then I realized you are probably INSIDE A BAR !!!!

  15. I think you have the voice of an angel.

  16. It is endearing! WIthout the VOLUME OF YOUR VOICE I might have never know I had such fun neighbors! :)

  17. haha, i love that your loud! it is never a good combo tho when you, me and keith are in the same room... my poor kids (for many different reasons) but i'm glad you are loud, especially when it comes to laughing b/c when your around, i'm not the loudest in the room!

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