missing: one red patio umbrella

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

ella, ella, eh-eh-eh, under my umbrella. just kidding, no more umbrella for me!

i consider myself lucky to have a big deck attached to my downtown apartment. it is the best part about the place. i think there are 280 some units in my building and only about 10 have decks so it is a major selling point! i get all of the afternoon sun, and there is plenty of room to have a big table with chairs around it and a even a glider and another smaller table too. i get to plant lots of pretty flowers (red, to match my now missing umbrella), drink wine, get a tan or read a book all on the glorious deck. unfortunately though i don't have a view. my view is literally the roof, over the roof is the river that i don't get to see it. but i don't mind it as much, because at least i have an outside area.

when i moved in i picked out all the outdoor furniture with care, but my favorite part was the bright red accent umbrella to go with my table. so when i glanced out the window last week to find that the umbrella was (gasp!) gone, i freaked out. i went outside to see if it had blown onto the deck but it wasn't anywhere to be seen. i hopped onto the roof to see if it had fallen into the alley or something but alas, the umbrella was gone. the next night i had a dream that it was peacfully floating along the cuyahoga river when it suddenly got smashed by a barge. oops.

i do have a bit of guilt about the umbrella going missing (er, flying away), because I feel like it was my fault. stepho had bought me covers for my furniture and umbrella last winter and they are to this day still my my trunk. if only i had prepped the little guy for the big storm he would have survived. oh well, i guess i'll just have to buy another one in the spring.

by the way has this post made anyone else yearn for the summer?!?!

also, happy birthday poo poo!!! this is going to be an amazing year for you, i'm so excited for all the festivities! xoxo


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