oh what a night

Sunday, January 6, 2008

[[disclaimer:: the following post will lead you to believe that i am a baller. that i party like a rockstar, have a freakishly high tolerance for alcohol, spend a ridiculous amount of money on martinis and bottle service that eventually leads to shenanigans. last night was a special occasion and not a normal occurrence... ok mom?!?]]

so when you find out that a friend is moving out of state you get sad. obviously you don't want them to leave. but the frown turns upside down when you know there is going to be a going away party extravaganza!

so i have a couple of friends that are very good at planning things. like to the point of a time lined itinerary with full cost analysis and price breakdown. there are no surprises with these girls. it works. (thanks muffin and court)

we had 7pm reservations at sushi rock (as always muffin and i arrived fashionably late) we were 10 girls noshing on sushi and martinis, with one pseudo celebrity sighting (browns punter dave zastudil). sushi rock recently got a face lift too, adding more room to the bar area which will be helpful on crazy wednesday nights there. dinner was so much fun, and it was nice to hangout with and meet some new girls.

on to xo. something about xo makes you think that your not in cleveland. i can't quite put my finger on it. perhaps it is because all the professional athletes hang out there, or its because the owner is pretty pompous and thinks he is better than cleveland which annoys me. (personally i wish it was still the grecian isle restaurant). we had the big circle table in the bar area and that was when the martinis really started to flow. i had three, on top of the two at sushi rock. oops. as much as xo can bug me i had so much fun dishin' the dirt with the girls (douche bag lawyer boy). we laughed a lot, caught our buzz and took it with us to ultra.

i love ultra (the dance club in the basement of liquid). i especially love ultra when we have a table in vip with bottles of stoli raspberry and stoli orange at our disposal. i have never had bottle service at ultra and i would highly recommend it. i mean it is just fun to pour your owns drinks and have a table to stash your coat and purse at while your busting a move. i decided that we all needed shots so i got a shaker from the waitress and mixed us up some bombs with a twist. who does that? me. i kinda made a mess. oops again. my only complaint was the dj. dj onit normally spins on saturday and he is awesome at what he does. but whoever the dude was last night was a complete dud. right about after i was complaining about the music was when the night gets a bit fuzzy. things that i know/think happened in no particular order.

-dancing on a table or two
-lots of pictures
-sneaking a ciggy (first one in 3 weeks!) in the corner of the vip section.
-the group dropping like flies
-diarrhea of the mouth
-gyro stop
-muffin falling in the alley then yelling at me and random boys walking by to pick her up. i seriously think she thought i pushed her. ha!

i went home and slept like a baby then woke up to lots of laughs with muffin who had a downtown sleepover. i love the morning recap. muffin, my roommate bird and i went to the west side market cafe for brunch this morning. if you haven't been to the west side market cafe you have got to go. the food is awesome.

that pretty much brings me to now. i just got back from the georgia peaches apartment where her husband and i were having guitar hero competitions. have a mentioned that i LOVE that game. eternal thanks to whoever invented it.

to all the girls from last night, i had a blast and we will have to do it again sometime soon. to lindsay, cleveland will miss you. : ( come visit us soon, meanwhile we have our april vegas trip to plan!


  1. Seriously, you're a rockstar.....You'll have to teach me some of your tricks!!!! Can't wait to see you!!

  2. I laughed so hard again - washed my jeans they are good to go, hoping the Marc and shirt will make it out!

  3. And thank you to the fine group of men who picked me up off the ground - I'm sure the fall was very amusing to them..as it was to me!

  4. Don't worry, I'll be back lots, perhaps for another girls night. And I am sooo looking forward to Vegas. It will be pure debauchery I'm sure. Um, my only complaint though is I don't have a nickname! Ha! I'm jealous of "Muffin"!

  5. lindsay darling didn't you say that i was allowed to use your name?!? hahaha.

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. Poo poo, you are a baller. Cleveland has never been the same since you invaded it. Can't WAIT for MLK weekend. Oh and I am in for Vegas, just a weekend but that's plenty enough time for me!

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