an open letter to my mother

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Dear Mother,

I really like that you have decided to start reading my blog. I especially like when you call me to tell me that I have an typo. That's fun!

I would like to clarify one thing with you. I promise I know how to capitalize and punctuate correctly. Because I am choosing not to capitalize on my blog, I also promise that I am not contributing to the dumbing down of America. Not nearly enough people read my blog to start a worldwide anti-capitalization movement.

Also, if you could please alert your sister, my "tiajo", that by my blogging I am not hurting anyone, let alone myself. I will be very careful not to put too much personal information out onto the internet.

I hope this calms your overprotective motherly instinct. You are the best mommy ever, and I love you very much.

Your Daughter,



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