poo poo has a bachlorette party - part fart

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

so i woke up on the couch... (see part one). still rocking it out in EVL.

it was 7:30 am and i was still in my clothes from the night before, somehow i had taken my contacts out. jilly was on the couch across from me and no one else had even stirred. i have this problem on the weekends that i can't sleep in. my body is so used to getting up early during the week that i always get up early no matter what time i go to bed.

poo poo has this same problem. she comes stumbling down the stairs hearing jilly and i talking and suggests us going to get breakfast at dj's this place she went to all the time when she was young and spending her weekends in EVL with her family. the three of us pull ourselves together and get breakfast while everyone else was still sleeping. when we get back, everyone is still sleeping and i begin to feel like crap.

as i have gotten older i have realized that i can still hang like a champ when it comes to going out, but i can't hang for more than one night in a row. i was completely wiped out all day saturday, but this was a bachlorette party and i needed to buck up.

the morning was fun. everyone just sat around and ate bagels and an egg bake that nor-ah made, we all just caught up, gossiped and laughed. now because it was just a group of girls who have known each other for awhile with no boys present we were let it all hangout. burping, farting and just generally being pretty crass. everyones parents and significant others would have been so proud.

eventually the group decided to get moving. we were in a cute little ski town and there were shops and bars to be taken advantage of. have i mentioned yet that no one skied? (hysterical!) i find it somehow fitting. who goes to a ski house and doesn't ski? we do. since there we so many of us we split up a bit. i went with poo poo, nor-ah, raz and georgia peach to the ellicottville brewery for a bite to eat and more importantly some killer bloody mary's. i started to feel better after the bloody mary, gotta love that hair of the dog. we went to a few shops, then met up with the rest of he girls at the gin mill for some 007's. around this time we decided that it was pretty pathetic that we haven't done anything outdoors and that tubing was great idea.

six of us went home to get our snow gear on. while the rest decided to head home and rest up for the night, the giff and jilly decided to stay at the bar and get blacked out, such the lushes. tubing was actually a lot of fun. you and your tube get attached to a tow line and when you get to the top you race on down in a specific lane. i liked going down face first while some of the girls wussed out and kept their butts in the tube. we only went down the hill three times because as fun as it was, once you did it twice the thrill was gone and you just wanted the hill to be longer, (that's what she said).

we re-grouped at the house showered up and got ready for dinner. poo poo's mom was very generous and took care of the dinner that we had catered to the house. it was a thanksgiving extravaganza meal. we got SOOOOO much food, but we also had a lot of wine. i was still feeling like poop from the night before so the wine was helping, yet i still had no color in my face. thankfully the beav felt fine and was hands down the best entertainment one could ask for all wrapped up in a little game we call, celebrities.

celebrities for those of you that don't know is a simple game where two teams compete against each other for points. each person writes down 5 "celebrities" or common known characters dead or alive on separate pieces of paper. they are tossed together in a bowl and there are three rounds. the first round is kinda like taboo you just describe the celebrity and your team has to guess it. the second round your team has to guess the celebrity with only a one word clue (you start you remember what celebrities are in the bowl by the second round so it gets easier). by the 3rd round you are only allowed to act the celebrity out like charades. that is tough one. like how do out act out joel mchale?? by the way my team (the pink beavers) won!

the beav was the emcee of the game and she was on her "A game" to say the least. she definitely wins the mvp award, (after poo poo of course cause she was the bachlorette). but if you take away the mass amount of farts that the beav was letting loose she was a dainty flower, specifically while doing her kerri strug impersonation. the beav is known for acting out kerri strug's 1992 olympic balance beam routine on impulse and it was brought out quite a few times over the weekend. i'm so mad at myself that i erased the video of her doing the routine from my camera! instead i have found the actual routine on you tube. so to my friends that were in EVL, please check out the following video and rate beav's version.

i think the beav nailed it!

even though EVL weekend wasn't your typical bachlorette party there was so much fun and laughter. the most important thing was that poo poo was happy. the weekend destination was her idea and she was pretty much glowing throughout the whole thing. i don't think she would have changed a thing.

now me on the other hand... get ready ladies, whenever i get married we are going straight to mackinac island!!


  1. I can't stop laughing - Beav needs to enter her routine in some type of competition..goodtimes!!!

  2. I have been anxiously awaiting Part Deux and you did not disappoint. Sounds like you all had a great time! I heart bachelorette parties!

  3. I love Keri Strug, she has single handedly changed American History. Keri Strug you are my hero!

    Better out than in I always say!

  4. Now to some, jenga and Celebrities may not be too impressive, but I had the best time that weekend!! Beav, you are still the funniest/finest girl I know. I was going to show this blog to my mom, but as we all learned, farting is not ok in my p-rents household so I think I'll hold off. When can we go again?? Can you have drunken "You're having a baby" weekends??

  5. kara you would have made bella caroli so proud! (sp?!) i had a blast - it was fun to relive in your 2-part blog. i say we have "let's meet the baby" drunken weekends. although that may get us in trouble with child services. you all have proved to be just as fun when i'm sober :)

  6. Part Fart is the perfect name for it. Butt as I recall Ms. Lexy Plum also had a little Stank A$$ herself!!!
    Good times, good times.

  7. shna- i think meet the baby drunken weekends are totally in the cards!

    poo poo- you are right i did have a nasty ass for a bit, till you gave me those glorious pills at the brewery. god bless you and your pills.

    holla! also rocked it out with the smelly butt too. sorry beav, it wasn't all you. xoxo

  8. wtf is Mackanack island? you girls are crazy. I wish you lived closer...I'd totally join in the crassness!! WOOP!

  9. little bull- mackinac island is this crazy little island off of the upper peninsula of michigan that me and a few choice friends decided to work at during the summer after we graduated from college.

    there were no cars, you had to bike everywhere and it reeked of fudge.

    i had a blast. : )

  10. Here I am reading your blog (and procrastinating my studying) to find a Mack What shout out! Miss You Alexa!

  11. that game is the exact one we play every new years eve! we call it bowls, and you can write down any noun. SO GOOD!

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