poo poo has a bachlorette party - part one

Monday, January 28, 2008

hold on, let me get out my notes. yes, notes. while in ellicottville, new york (which i will from this point on call EVL) this past weekend, i thought it was important for me to take notes to document er, remember everything that happened so that i could in turn blog about it. feel free to call me a nerd at anytime.

to start off i'm going to get a little mushy. i seriously love my friends. it is such a great comfort to know that for a whole weekend we can all get together and just have a good time. so much so that my stomach is still sore from laughing. it doesn't matter if i haven't seen some of the girls in a few months it all goes right back to when we sp
ent all of our time sitting on a porch in UD's ghetto, to when we biked under the influence on mackinac island, broke into rudy's or dancing our butts off at all of the weddings we have had in the last couple of years. it's such a good feeling, and we are all very blessed to have each other. ok i'm done. on to the debauchery...

the georgia peach and i drove together to EVL (a not so sleepy ski tow
n). i had a half day at work and she's a teacher so we left when she was done (obviously later than we had expected, i like to call it greek time). the drive to EVL is short and sweet just over 3 hours from downtown. the fact of the short distance and the georgia peach's garmin made the trip very pleasant. i am currently obsessed with the garmin. i seriously watched the screen like i was watching a tv the entire trip. this thing is so smart! it even knew when the friggin sun went down and automatically switched to night vision. it kinda creeped me out when it did that though. regardless, if i drove more i would totally invest in one. lots of singing and eating a bag of andy capp's hot fries later we made it to our house in EVL.

ironically the house we rented was the original methodist church in EVL. kinda creepy that a whole gaggle of sinners were about to make it their home for the weekend.

apparently poo poo is really popular because anyone who is anyone made it to her bachlorette party (although we did miss big pete). here's
the cast and crew: myself (obvy), poo poo (double obvy), the beav (maid of honor and hostess with the mostess), muffin, MOB, foxxy, nor-ah, holla!, mistiburr, tigger, shna, patti-o, melly, raz, the giff, jilly and the georgia peach. i give MAJOR props to patti-o and shna who both traveled long distances and are pregnant! they were serious troupers but i know they had just as much fun as all of the wine drinkers.

when i got to the house the hugging session was well underway. and as i had mentioned in an earlier post the friday night festivities centered around an ugly sweater contest. i think we succeeded with the ugly part. we all looked pretty disgusting but hilarious at the same time. we even had a contest for the ugliest and MOB took home the prize (an autographed picture of katie couric), and muffin and i tied for second. pretty much we all should have won because we all looked like jackasses. after dinner and drinks poo poo opened presents (the majority of which were sexy lingerie (you're welcome sampson) and beav presented her with a wonderful video full of old photos and memories. the party continues...

we decided to play jenga like the champions we were. and if there was an olympic event for jenga playing we would have totally placed 3rd, 2nd tops.

unfortunately for MOB she lost the first g
ame and had to create a snow angel with no clothes on (kidding, maybe). the second game i lost and my punishment was a lot easier, i had to make a round of bombs. while making the bombs i was channeling my inner bartender shaking it like crazy. so crazy in fact that the glass shook right out of my hands, spilling the vodka all over the kitchen floor, simultaneously breaking the glass and spilling the last of the ice. bummer.

we still wanted bombs though. thankfully we are a resilient bunch. poo poo thought of using snow for ice. introducing, SNOW BOMBS... basically i filled a bunch of glasses with freshly fallen ny snow and topped them with vodka and red bull. in case you're wondering, they tasted like crap. but at the time we thought it was a really good idea. right around this time is when we decided to go to the bar.

our house was conveniently located about a block and a half from downtown EVL. we all bundled up, sans the preggers crew, and hit up madigans where im sure the locals thought we were all crazy coming in all loud and drunk with the most hideous outfits on. we danced our butts off, took a lot more bombs (thankfully not the snow variety), all while successfully playing the out of town card to our advantage. i think we might have been especially rude to a couple of dudes from pittsburgh (sorry teen).

i was completely greyed out by the time we were walking home. i do know that there was late night eating because i was put in charge of making a couple of boxes of mac and cheese. unfortunately i had the drops again and spilled an entire bowl of the stuff down foxxy's leg. tasty. (i swear i'm not normally a klutz)

i woke up the next morning on the couch...

[seriously this is the longest post ever. find out day 2 in ELV and the antics that ensued tomorrow. stay tuned plum heads]


  1. please tell me you woke up on the couch in someone else's sweater!!! I'll have to show you my ugly Christmas sweater party pics....you'll love them.

  2. The Minister Of CultureJanuary 29, 2008 at 12:08 AM

    Well congratulations are in order,after a weekend of heavy drinking ,highjinx,and jocularity, no one came home in a body bag!Although I am a little disappointed thier were no run-ins with local law inforcement,I realize that you are young and you will try harder next time!After perusing the pictures I have to agree with the diarist,Cliff & Claire would be VERY PROUD!I noticed thier was no mention of actual skiing, this is a good thing.We all remember that horrid day when Sonny Bono meet his tragic demise.

  3. I love the PICTURES! The new camera is definitely taking clevelandsaplum to the next level!

  4. court - if you think that the camera is taking the blog to the next level just wait until you see the new design i'm going to bust out in a few days!

  5. i will attest as a third party member that you all took OVER the first floor back room of madigans. thanks again alexa for leaving me with the creepos from pittsburgh!! ha...i thought i was going to have to talk to them forever! on another note: LOVVED the ugly sweaters....even the pictures dont give enough justice to the awesome vest that "muffin" was sporting!!

  6. Alexis great blog!! Does you new desing have to do with video? Because that would not be cool!!

  7. The correct abbreviation should be EVL. Implies much better things and looks cooler I think.
    By far the most perfect weekend I could dream up for my b-rette. Some may think sitting around in ugly sweaters playing Jenga is lame, I think it is heaven.

  8. We all know you're a nerd Lex! I wish you would post the pic of you blogging in background while poo poo is laughing hysterically in the foreground!

    Thanks for including me with all your old school bff's! They are all amazing and I had the best time! Ya'll are the greatest!!

    And by the way, I still have NO voice after Saturday night. Maybe I was a little too into "Celebrity" for more reasons than one...

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