prune of the week 1.1.08

Friday, January 4, 2008

welcome to the first ever prune of the week post! get excited people. for those of you that don't know, a prune is a dried...wait for it... PLUM! once a week i am going to make a post about something that i see or read that i think is all sorts of wrong. (nothing against prunes, but let's be frank here when i think of prunes i think of well, poop.)

onto the first prune of the week post::

mr chophouse valet man YOU are the prune of the week. the story goes a little something like this. the georgia peach, dr wild and i went to d'vine wine bar after work for a quick cheese plate and couple of the half price glasses of wine that d'vine has on special every friday. we were seated by the window and kept watching mr chophouse valet man. he would get customers keys, and instead of parking the car in the gated lot that they are paying the premium valet price for he would park their car on the street in the metered spots (we witnessed him do this 3 times within an hour). now i honestly don't care where he parks
the cars, what really dries my plums is that he is taking up valuable FREE street parking spots that so many people circle and circle around to find. meanwhile mr chophouse valet man could drive 20 feet further into the gated lot and leave the free spot for johnny bar hopper and save him $9 in parking fees.

so that is why mr chophouse valet man, you are a prune. boo.

on a lighter note. i want to personally congratulate KJ on finding out she is pregnant! KJ is literally my oldest known friend. i mean we played war in her backyard with our sisters everyday when we were 6 if that says anything. congrats KJ, i can't wait to meet the little one!


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