prune of the week 1.14.08

Saturday, January 19, 2008

when my current roommate bird moved in last may after poo poo moved to chicago everything was great, we are very good friends but also have different groups that mesh well together. it works. so when we had some friends over one night and after taking a step into the powder room i announced that my only pet peeve about living with bird was that she places the toilet paper the wrong way on the toilet paper roll. [see figure 1.1]

after i explained the right vs wrong way to her (she claimed to have never noticed the difference) the toilet paper was always placed the right way from then on. thanks bird!

now by no means am i naming my glorious roommate the prune of the week. i am going to name the annoyance of toilet paper being placed the wrong way as this weeks prune.

but what really dries my plums is that there is one person in my office that is a perpetrator of this weeks prune. i have no idea who is it, but i always end up having to change it. when i go into the restroom at work, the tp ends up looking like this. [see figure 1.2]

gross right? please do your part to stop wasting the toilet paper. do it right kids, over not under.


  1. Ok, that definitely needed to be said. I thought I was crazy for being annoyed by that. Reese loves it.

  2. The Minister of CultureJanuary 21, 2008 at 9:52 PM

    In regards to the way toilet paper hangs on the role,you are absolutly correct, but you must take it one step further.The corners of the flap should be folded under forming a point.You will find this in all the finer hotels and exquisite restaurants with attendended restrooms.

  3. I agree with the minister of culture! I actually used to do that to the girls in college to see if they would notice....I don't think they did.

  4. totally backwards--you couldn't be more wrong. over is where it's at. reason being, if you have a vent directly beneath the roll (like there is @ this eagle's nest) the ventilating air causes the entire roll to roll right onto the floor. i've lived with my wife for 3 years now and still haven't fully trained her and it's babble like this that makes her think she's right.


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