prune of the week 1.21.08

Thursday, January 24, 2008

i'm a very big fan of the law and order franchise. i love um all, the original show, criminal intent and especially special victims unit. that christopher meloni is quite a cutie. but as much as i enjoy watching law and order, during one of the 2,432 episodes that i took in during the new years eve and day marathons i noticed something that to this day has ruined law and order for me.

i apologize in advance if you can no longer watch the show.

now i don't know about you, but if a detective was to come to my home or my place of employment i would give them my full attention. i would not walk away, i would not tell them that i didn't have time to talk and i especially would not continue to pole dance while being questioned. ugh.

after i picked up on the fact that no one ever pays attention the detectives it really started to dry my plums. there was this one instance in particular (i searched you tube and came up with nothing) that put me over the edge. the scene:: a ritzy suburban setting, a mother and her two children are playing in their backyard. two detectives approach to ask some questions about her neighbors, she answers one question then just stops talking to them and walks into her back door. so unrealistic!

i know it's tv and i know that it is a dramatization but i can't get past it. pay attention plum heads next time you watch any law and order just observe. i'll be waiting for you all to agree with me.


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