prune of the week 1.7.08

Friday, January 11, 2008

howdy all. welcome to this weeks prune of the week. if you're a new reader check out last weeks post here. drum roll please...i would like to announce this weeks prune as...

bus lanes!

every day i drive to work from w 9th to the east 30's on st. clair avenue. it is a straight shot from home to my office and there is reasonably less traffic on st clair then taking superior through public square. once you pass w 3rd on st clair the right lane turns into a bus only lane from approximately 7am to 9am and 4pm to 6pm (im really not sure of the exact times, i'll have to check, but you get the idea. basically during all the commuter times).

in driving down st clair on my way to work i maybe see a bus in the bus lane once a week. but what i ALWAYS see in that lane are cops pulling over unsuspecting commuters. sometimes i even see two cops, one on each side of the street simultaneously pulling over cars! there is one upright sign on the right after you cross w 3rd heading east stating the terms of the bus lane (there may be another one closer to e 9th stating the bus lane terms as well). the problem is if someone is heading downtown from the suburbs for a meeting, job interview or apartment hunting they would never know the difference except for when they get a $120 ticket. welcome to cleveland, come back soon.

if the city is going to continue to have the right lane unusable for cars there needs to be better signs. on superior the words BUS ONLY are painted onto the street alerting the driver. there is no hiding the fact, unlike on shady st clair. i'm guessing that they will never paint the streets announcing the bus lane to the drivers. there is way too much revenue flowing from the motorcycle cops stopping on average 5 cars a day. we are talking about over $200,000 in city revenue. i wonder whose salary that pays? (on another sore note i also despise the camera speeding tickets, this girl alone has paid $600 to that fund)

i do want to clarify that i am not interested in breaking the law, if you break it you buy it (i.e. buying the ticket) but the problem with breaking this bus lane law is that no one knows it even exists, until they get a ticket.

so that is why st clair avenue bus lanes, YOU are the prune of the week.


  1. I TOTALLY think that the bus lanes are a traffic conspiracy! They implemented them just as a money making machine to trick poor motorists!!

    Those bus lanes really dry my plums!!

  2. I didn't think you had gotten that many tickets camera tickets....I thought it was "only 4".... I am certainly glad you are aware of the bus lanes and the times. Now you just have to be aware of ALL speed limit signs too.

  3. ok mom, sometimes i don't tell you EVERYTHING! mommy please don't make me regret telling you i started a blog. i should have never told you the address!

    totally busted!

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  5. I HATE THE BUS LANES!!!! Biggest prune ever. I got pulled over very early in their existence and learned my lesson quickly, but I still get INCENSED whenever I see those mofos pulled over two at a time. BOOOOOOO to the RTA rent-a-cops!

  6. have you ever driven down the bus lane when a bus is coming??? that is very scary!


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