seriously, i love to shop

Sunday, January 13, 2008

stepho (my mom) decided to flee to the cleve today to go shopping with me at beachwood place today. i haven't gone shopping out there since before christmas and i was itching to spend some gift cards and check out the mass amount of sales going on.

first we hit up best buy (on mayfield) where i got this camera. get ready for some new pics on the blog people!! then we hit nordy's my favorite department store ever. unfortunately though i didn't have much luck there which was strange. i did find some shoes that i think i really need for vegas (the black and gold ones) but they aren't anything that i need to be purchasing right now. i also had to give the wonderful sales girl in handbags my phone number to let me know if the chloe bag that i want gets discounted 40% off like she thinks it will (stepho of course pointed out to me that per my blog, one of my new years resolutions was to not buy designer bags. boo.) don't worry mom i promise i'll try not to buy it. just hope that someone else buys it before i get the chance.

after nordy's we went to various stores in the mall i got a couple of suitable work dresses on sale from the gap and a cute wool sweater dress from banana. also and this part annoys me, i bought these shoes in black from dillard's full price, only to find them $40 cheaper online when i was looking up the link so show you all. (i since have decided to take them back after realizing that they look like mary poppin shoes)

finally i went to saks to switch the fragrance of a perfume stepho got me for christmas. if you're not familiar with bond no 9 perfume you need to be. i got the full size bottle of nuits de noho and the smaller size of the bryant park fragrances (i just couldn't pick just one!) they smell glorious.

ok, enough about the shopping it is even beginning to bore me. after shopping we then went to maggianos little italy with one of our very good family friends little sara. (sara by the way coined to term "stepho" that we lovingly started calling my mother at morton's one night over ten years ago, guess it stuck). i also had another pseudo celebrity sighting, mike fratello was sitting in the booth next to us (he is so wee!). stepho and her friends always go to maggianos when they come and shop at beachwood and get the family style dinner. she raves about it and told me that we had to try it. well there is a TON of food but it was all very good, and i'm pretty sure that the georgia peach's husband loved all the left overs i brought him.

all in all this weekend was a very low-key one full of catch phrase and scene it, (which i am STILL undefeated in). this was a good thing because i know the next two weekends will be full of fun between poo poo coming home and poo poo's bachlorette party is in NY the weekend after that. i simply can't wait.

happy monday all.


  1. You have the worst taste in shoes, it is unbelievable! Kidding, kind of. See you Saturday!!

  2. dude, poo poo, you have no room to talk about taste in shoes. i mean can we please discuss the navy blue ones with the taupe trim?!?! omg.

    i realized that the mary poppins ones are bad. i will be returning them.

    you'll be lucky to see me on saturday after that shoe comment. ; )

  3. Those shoes were pretty awful Lexy! Sorry - I love the Betsey ones - definitely for the vegas!

  4. They were black w/ white trim, just faded/dirty to look navy and taupe. Thank you for making me throw them away. And I better see you on Saturday, I need a BIRTHDAY hug!

  5. I told Alexa when she wanted to buy those shoes they were questionable and looked a bit "old lady" like. They could be be a bit funky.....with the right outfit, but....


  6. Oh my hubby did LOOOOVEE the leftovers!! He got so excited when he heard you were bringing him some, and then he couldn't contain himself when you dropped them off - hence the hug:)

    I'm sorry I missed your visit to the Cleve Stepho! I totally forgot you were coming in or else I would have cleaned myself up and gone to lunch with ya'll! :( Next time I'll make the trip down to Canton with Lexy:)

    And I think the shoes are good for work - they seem pretty comfy!


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