so i woke up on the wrong side of the bed

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

waking up on the wrong side of the bed is the only way that i can possibly explain the kind of morning that i had today. ironically though, it is only logistically possible for me to get out of bed on one side due to the fact that the other side is against a wall. there goes that theory.

it is cold in cleveland today. like really cold. i had to semi dress up today at work because wool man and i were going to an AAF event, and wearing a dress and tights wasn't exactly temperature appropriate. so i get to my car at 8:30am (i park outside), and i go to open my door and it was frozen. awesome. i try to open any door and no dice. i go to the parking attendant to see if she has a deicer, nope nada. i'm banging, hitting and basically kicking my car im so angry. i finally get my passenger side back door open. i realize that my only option is to climb through to the front seat, turn my car on and hopefully warm it up. i do just that (keep in mind, dress and heels, 13 degrees out), i wait a minute or two and try to open my car door again. nothing.

it has been about 20 minutes now and i was about to be late for work so i climbed through the back seat again to get in the drivers seat (i think i also flashed a few people). i drive to the gate to get out of my parking lot and since i couldn't open my door, let alone my window i couldn't swipe my key card to get out of the lot. the attendant didn't understand what my issue was and i basically had to sign my card number to her. the gate also decided to break so she had to get out and manually lift it up. annoying.

have i forgotten to mention that the whole time i'm in my car it is beeping like the door is open and won't stop. at this point i'm ready to break the window with my fist. the gate is opened and i head down st. clair (obviously avoiding the bus lanes), i decide that i was going to stop at motorcars on my way to see if they have a deicer so i can get out of my car. the garage door opens to get into the service center and there is quite a bit of confusion because they don't understand why i am there, and i'm just yelling through my car window. i tell the dude that my back passenger side door can open and to try that. finally, we can communicate.

it takes 3 people to pry my door open from the ice. i told you it was cold! i'm so excited that i have my door open. i get back on the road towards my office. i pull in and accidentally hit the car next to mine with my car door. fu*k! i yell, right as i see ziggy walking towards the office building. i get out of my car and look at him and say, "i have had the worst f'ing morning", and close my car door... (no it's not over)

the window in my car door breaks. no joke. i can't even say anything to ziggy. i just hand him my laptop and tell him to let our boss know i was going to be even later. i drive
BACK to the motorcars service station and when the garage door opens they guys all start to laugh. basically what happened was the little feet that holds a car window got off track.

i go to pick up my now fixed car later in the afternoon and it was $155 bucks to fix it. at least i got a car wash out of it.

the rest of the day got better, the AAF event went well. wool man and i went to great lakes brewery and had a couple of delicious newly tapped alberta clipper pints (chocolate and raspberry stout with a kick). then i met MOB at aladdin's in lakewood for dinner which included glorious hummos and rolled pitas.

for what started out as a real crappy morning turned out to be just fine. i'll just throughly enjoy my $155 car wash.


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  2. Just think of it as a "designer" car wash!

  3. I haaaaaate mornings like that. Yesterday morning I waited outside in the -19 windchill for a bus for 20 minutes. Then waited ANOTHER 20 minutes (still outside) for a train. Not pleased.

    I hear ya, girly.

  4. wow...your day is almost as bad as my week....we're even.

    greeks unite!

  5. I am sorry, but that was LOL funny (I think i disturbed everyone around me by almost falling on the floor) because I can just imagine you in that situation! I am sorry! Hope your future days are better!

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