late night is back!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

So last night after drinking the cedar wood crap wine. the wino and her husband went home and i was left to the 11 o'clock news. tim and ramona have always been good to me, and last night they reminded me that late night was back!

the wga strike had been resolved, fully for letterman and craig ferguson with their staff of writers on hand, but not fully for leno, conan, and kimmel who could go on air but without their writers.

what caught my attention was that tim and ramona flashed a clip of conan with a grizzly man beard. weird i thought, i didn't think irish men could grow that much hair.

but now it was time for letterman, he comes out and ALSO had a grizzly man beard!! i switched over to leno real quick seeing if this was some sort of late night host thing. but jay's massive chin was as clean as a baby's bum.

this proved the feeling that i have always had... letterman and conan hate leno. while conan and letterman were out fighting for the solidarity of the writers with their grizzly beards, jay was getting facials and shaves from the art of shaving. cake eater.

check out the following link of letterman's top ten list from last night. including writers from shows like conan (see i told you), the daily show and even nora ephron. NORA EPHRON! see the top ten list


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