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Monday, January 14, 2008

dear sissy,

i would like to thank you for not hating me when i stole/borrowed your really cool black hat from anthropology. you knew that i wanted it for my own, so when i saw it laying on the shelf in the hall closet AFTER you already got on the plane back to manhatten. i figured you left it for ME! it was literally calling my name.

how nice of you i thought, if only you would have left those sunglasses too. so i brought it back to cleveland with me thinking it would take a day or two for you to notice your favorite hat was missing. but days turned into weeks and i still was wearing it on my dome. i contemplated mailing it to you as a surprise, but i figured you really did want me to keep it. so i kept wearing it.

when mom finally asked me yesterday if i had seen the now infamous hat and that she had been scouring the house for, all i could do was laugh. i surely thought you knew me better than that and would have called me first just knowing that i had taken it. i'm ashamed to admit that my reputation precedes me. i mean mom recently did just catch me trying to sneak away with a couple of her extra velcro rollers (who really counts velcro rollers?)

thanks again for not getting angry at me sissy. i don't think of it as stealing i think of it as sharing, i'm glad you do too.

love you,

alexa xoxo

p.s. i'll let you know how much it costs to reimburse me for the postage. sike.


  1. you do have a reputation for taking things while i'm either still sleeping or gone! i knew it was at home i was just giving you the benefit of the doubt!

    i think we've all learned a lesson.. if alexa likes something of yours and she's staying over.. hide it over night!!!

    anyone else have similar experiences or does she just do it to sissy!?

  2. sissy! i have totally grown out of that phase of taking things. remember, i don't think of it as stealing i think of it as sharing. and i only do it to you and mommy. the people i care about the most! : )

    i thought sisters were suppose to share everything!

    ps. you stole my ucla tshirt, and i'm still bitter about it. xoxo

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