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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

i am finally feeling a bit better after my antics from last nights wyclef jean concert. apparently i thought it was saturday not tuesday. i also think im coming down with a cold, not a good thing to catch before poo poo's bachlorette party this weekend. oh well, on to last nights recap.

i love wyclef, and i haven't been this excited for a show in a really long time. so obviously i knew the night was going to turn into quite an event. bird and i had all of our friends over before the show. 12 girls and one lone boy (pimp). we ate maproom pizza and caught our buzz before we headed to the house of blues.

my friends and i took over the front right portion of the pit area, held our ground and had a killer dance party from the first note we heard. a skinny little white boy brought a wyclef for president t-shirt to the show, wyclef brought him on stage and preceded to put the shirt on (it seemed a bit staged to me but ya never know) the kid even ended up getting a pair of nikes at the end of the show. wyclef is a giver.

now i knew that wyclef was politically active but he really hates bush. chanting it over and over again. he also made a reference to having visited mayor frank jackson's office earlier in the day. half way through the show muffin pointed out mayor jackson in the sound board area rockin out. paparazzi alexa came out and i had to take a picture. the first one didn't turn out the way i wanted to so i had to take an additional one. by this point he was looking straight at me so i then i had to wave and say "hi mayor jackson!" only me. he was actually nice and waved back. i bet here never thought that pic would end up on a website.

there were so many highlights of the show that i have a problem writing them all. wyclef is a full service musician he plays the piano, guitar, sings and raps. talk about a talented individual. i loved that he played no woman no cry, and i also like the he rocked out some fugees classics. ready or not was hot. wyclef even went up to the balcony and sang on the ledge much to his bodyguards dismay. he even crowd surfed! i'm not gonna lie though, i was waiting for him to come out and play perfect gentleman as an encore but he didn't.

now i am not a professional writer (if you haven't noticed) so check out this review scene magazine wrote about the concert.

now on to the party part. after the concert was over most of the girls went home except me, muffin, court and reese. we went to the lyfe jennings after party in the cambridge room at the house of blues. mick boogie and terry urban were spinning and as always they brought it. we all danced around like idiots but had a really good time. terry urban has some sweet moves! ira newble from the cavs was feeling the music too. but there was absolutely no reason for us to be taking shots on a school night though. after the party wrapped up we should have gone home. obvy we didn't.

mercury lounge
on w 6th was the next stop. nothing was really going on there so we went to liquid, (btw liquid needs a website!) there ended up being a way better crowd. liquid was where muffin and i ran into our favorite indians bar rats, ryan garko and josh barfield. they were in town for the indians press tour this week. ryan was looking good, but man oh man did he have a lot of jersey chasers around him. one of the times i was talking to him this broad literally elbowed me. i'm like calm down slutty one i'm not trying to sleep with him. it was quite comical.

by this time it was WAY past my bedtime and muffin, reese and i walked back to my apartment. bird informed me this morning that we were pretty loud discussing our cleveland athlete sightings. we are such nerds! all in all it was a jammed packed night of fun, too bad i think it got me sick. oh well, it was worth it.


  1. If I were president/
    I'd get elected on Friday/
    Make Wyclef my VP on Saturday/
    And retire on Sunday, to the coast of Oregon or maybe Cali, leaving Wyclef to lead our country into what I can only assume would be somewhat perilous but damn fun times, with lots of good weed and other tasty treats.

  2. The Minister Of CultureJanuary 23, 2008 at 10:44 PM

    Mayor Frank Jackson could make a fortune in Hollywood.He could play a homeless person,a mean pimp,a death row inmate,a drug dealer,or your everyday garden variety inner city thug!Now go back look at the picture,tell me it's not true!Hell i'll bet he could even play an illiterate city politician.Hey wait a minute.......

  3. You best be drinking lots of OJ and getting lots of sleep little girl. I won't have any (loud) complaining of sore throats and runny noses in E-Ville. I need you at full Lex, K??
    Minister is SO right about FJ too. Ha!

  4. I didn't know Ira went to Miami..."GO REDHWAKS!"


  5. Alexa, Muffin and Reese are ROCK STARS. After stumbling on the Lyfe Jennings dance floor and trying to pull it off as a dance move, I departed...and then didn't go to work the next day.

  6. Please tell me Reese is a boy! Probably not...in my blog BF's real name is Rhys (pronounced Reese).
    Also...please tell me he sang Guantanamera!!! I love that song!!!!!!!!
    Now that you are a paperazo, are you going to be dating Britney anytime soon? :)

    P.S. captain joe....the coast of Oregon sucks...I'd retire to Cali...trust me on this one. I live in Oregon.

  7. little bull- reese is a girl, but man o man that is a hot name your bf has! also, he didn't sing guantanamera i was upset, but he was so awesome on so many other levels it made up for it. ie. staying alive : )

  8. Only a boy on Saturday nights. Anyhoo, I am soooo glad I read the blog so that I could find out where we went the rest of the night. Somebody kinda forgot, oops. The random car ride was sexual though. Forget cabs, random car rides with random chicks passing out random flyers for life!!!

  9. Rhys is a pretty hot name...I must say! And Reese...my Rhys does the same thing "We went to Charlie's last night?" Classic. I think it's in the Rhys/Reese/Reece gene...

    Staying Alive is another fave of mine...I'm jealous. I think I need to change my name from L.B. to something that actually lets you know that this is the Allsfairinloveandblog chic...hmmm....have fun with your "real world" Bachelorette party!! Can't wait to hear the details!

  10. hello my name us jake braat. I am the "skinny white boy" from the wyclef jean concert hah I was sad to discover this blog more than a year after the concert but I just wanted to set the record straight that it was not staged and was the best night of my life. I made the shirt with no intentions of meeting clef or being called on stage. I still have the nikes which he did end up autographing n they are nice and fresh still. I love wyclef n have been a huge fan of his for awhile. If u have any photos the concert I would be very appreciative if u could e-mail them to me at thejakebraat@aol.com...

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