alexa bateman

Sunday, February 24, 2008

alexa bateman has a nice ring to it right?

i think i'm in love with jason bateman. scratch that, i
am in love with jason bateman.

i love his face

my love has been brewing for a very long time now. and i'm glad i finally have a platform to say it loud and proud.

he is smart, funny, sickeningly witty and beautiful to look at.

he can even make lingerie look good...

don't forget about "teen wolf too"...

and who doesn't love "valerie"? you guys have got to remember this show. i still know the theme song by heart. this video is beyond vintage.


  1. wtf? why is it that men look better the older they get and we just look... wrinkly?

  2. Alexa ya know he is married...ha...and to Paul Anka's daughter. But I agree he is soo cute and better with age too. I forgot all about Valerie!! He was the cutest on the great show Arrested Development, sooo bummed when that got cancelled. A jerk in Juno though...oh well.

  3. Oh Jason Bateman. I lurve him. Not only is he ridiculously cute, but he's hilarious too! He is perfect. For me.

    We might have to fight each other for him.

  4. Rumor has it they might make an Arrested Developement movie. There's hope Stepho!!

  5. I watched the sweetest thing last night on TBS and thought of you. Awwwww....


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