carrie bradshaw got me thinking

Thursday, February 7, 2008

last night there was a sex and the city episode on that really struck a chord with me that i haven't been able to shake all day.

for the sex and the city fans out there you will recall the episode where carrie is put on the cover of the new yorker with the headline, "single and fabulous?", question mark. carrie thought it was going to be "single and fabulous!", exclamation point. big difference.

carrie and the girls all rationalize their way into thinking that they are all single and fabulous with an exclamation point, but their actions showed something else. all of them quickly attaching to the closest male form they could find.

i don't know if it because valentine's day is next week or if it is because d-bag ziggy asked me if i felt like an old maid because i'm not married yet (i'm planning my revenge soon), but something got me thinking...

is it all a facade? am i single and fabulous? shit.

god i hope not.

friday night cocktails will definitely be raised to me being... wait for it...

single and fabulous!


  1. give me a break. you said when you started this blog you wouldn't try to be like sex and the city. LAME.

  2. can't a girl just vent for a sec... on her own blog??

    just because i posted about a sex and the city episode that somewhat relates to my own life hardly means that i'm trying to be like sex and the city.

  3. Reeeeeer, panties in a bunch much anonymous?
    I hate Carrie Bradshaw, hate her, so take it as a compliment that you are nothing like her. She is a whiny, selfish little thing with terrible outfits. YOU could only be more fabulous if came to Chicago more often. Think...Jetsetter!

  4. Alexa, you are single and F-A, B-O, L-O, U-S...

  5. We are SINGLE AND FABULOUS! Planning to flaunt just that tonight if interested . . .

  6. wow...anon...not so nice. A girl CAN vent on her own blog...I'm living proof of that. But there will always be dummy anons who say dumb crapola like that. Whatev!

    I think Cblake said it best...F-A, B-O, L-O,'re FABU!

    I'm still hoping that i'm fab even though I'm not single...

  7. I really like your post. Sigh. Even if we ARE single and fabulous(!) the issue is still in the back of the mind. Dangit.

  8. omg, alexa...I got home from work today and saw a few minutes of dr. phil. he had two sisters on there...the oldest is 33 and she isnt married. her sister calls her an old maid and says she is going to get after her until she is married. So, to make this chick feel better, dr. phil's wife gave her a nice set of gradma pj's and some scented candles. WOW. just so funny when we were talking about this all day.

  9. you are def the one with an !... actually !!!!!!!!!
    and tell your friend to kiss it.... in NYC everyone is single until mid-late 30s so do not worry!

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