cleaning fest

Saturday, February 9, 2008

today my roommate bird and i are going to have a cleaning fest. it has been planned all week. we even stayed in last night so there would be no hangovers to use as an excuse. i've been up for awhile already. i shot out of bed this morning at 7:45am in a panic thinking i was going to be late for work. yeah it's saturday.

in sticking to our staying in pact last night bird and i had a friday night date together, starting out with dinner at house of cues. i love that place. it is like a block away from my apartment but in the opposite direction of the main w 6th bars so i feel like it doesn't get some of the obnoxious crowd. every time i have been there for a friday night happy hour it is packed! the bar always smells of nag champa (the signature hippy dippy incense), and they tend to play a lot of phish and rusted root. which is fine by me. i think a lot of the people that work in the office buildings over there go to house of cues a lot because they get pretty busy for lunch too. by the way, BEST mexican you can get downtown. actually i think it is the only place you can get mexican downtown. they have other food too though.

so we finished up our dinner and walked to tower city to see a movie. ever since tower city banned kids roaming around after 2:30pm going to see a movie on the weekend has become a lot better. before there would be hundreds of kids basically using tower city as a play ground. it sucked, and while it may not have been a deterrent to me it was to a lot of people who just didn't feel safe. not anymore.

we saw untraceable and it was good, but a run of the mill fbi suspense thriller. i wasn't disappointed but i wasn't overly impressed. i'd recommend it if you were in the mood for that type of movie. going to see it though just strengthened my crush on colin hanks. sigh.

all in all a very good night to prep for the cleaning fest - the perfect pre-game for a saturday night out. now i just need to figure out what i'm going to do.

on a side note - biscuit, i'm so excited that you are going to vegas with us!!! : )


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