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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

so there's a little debate going on a few short blocks away from me as i type this. you may have heard of it, yes?

well i'm watching it right now, and my brain is kinda swimming. i hoped watching this would help me figure somethings out, and as of now i'm still confused as shit.

i'm a registered republican, and i would have loved to vote for mccain 8 years ago. but now i'm not as sure. i do think that change is good, but i'm waiting for that ah-ha moment to tell me who i should vote for.

i have taken a couple of those online candidate picker surveys and and obama keeps coming out as my "ideal candidate".

but i'm not sold yet.

i guess i'll just keep watching...


  1. I swore to myself this was the year I would finally become educated in politics - but after watching the debate tonight I don't fee like I learned a thing other than the fact that every time the national media comes to Cleveland, Mother Nature makes sure to keep up that "Mistake on the Lake" image.

  2. Kucinich all the way!!

  3. I don't think you're alone. It seems many people are conflicted about choosing a candidate this year. I'm also waiting for that "ah ha" moment. Hopefully it comes soon!

  4. I was torn between both for awhile -- leaning toward Hillary in the beginning. I would be satisfied with either running against McCain and winning, but I'm voting for Obama.

  5. 8 years ago I would've voted for McCain too. In a heartbeat. And I'm a "registered Democrat" although I don't exactly identify with one or the other party.

    I did end up voting for Barack in the primaries, though.

  6. Ummm...I'm a registered Rep. too but the BF has been making me watch the damn debates late at night when all i want to do is cuddle and have some sexy time. ugh. hillary and obama def. kill the mood...just an fyi.

  7. is this a political blog now?

  8. minister of culture, i was expecting a good comment from you to lead this girl on the right path!


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