friday date night with muffin

Saturday, February 23, 2008

after a very busy week and an especially busy friday at the office i was so ready to down a glass um, bottle of pinot noir.

my friends and i had thrown out going to one walnut for their new happy hour but the big group diminished and muffin and i decided to just go to tremont, shop at banyan tree and grab some dinner and drinks.

banyan tree is hands down my favorite boutique in cleveland. it seriously is like having a mini department store in tremont. they have clothes, shoes, jewelery, home goods and even baby stuff. the proprietor christie is awesome and has the best sense of style, always buying great stuff for the store. the staff all know me by name as i have spent quite a bit of time perusing through the goods. i haven't been there in a few months but only managed to do minor damage to my checking account. buying a couple pairs of earrings and a birthday present. everyone needs to go to this store!

after we wrapped up at banyan tree, muffin and i decided to walk over to lolita to see if there were any spots available at the bar. thinking that it was still early we figured maybe we had a chance. not so much. obviously the bistro is still on michael symon's iron chef high. the hostess was unbelievably nice and offered to call parallax to see if they had a table for two. they did.

we couldn't find any street parking and of course neither one of us had cash. so we had to bribe the valet at parallax to park our car without the $5 cost up front. he hesitated for a sec but when we reminded him that he had the keys to our car he let us go without paying. duh...

i heart parallax. if i don't go there at least once i month i swear i start to go through withdrawal. so this was where date night with muffin and i really was apparent. don't worry captain (muffin's boyfriend), she didn't put out.

because this was so spur of the moment all the good tables were obviously reserved. we were seated in the enclosed garage/patio area. all by ourselves. literally. it actually was fun because muffin and i could be as loud as we wanted to, and you all know how loud i am.

we started off with a glass of the "definitive" pinot noir. after a glass of vino my voice obviously started to raise. and at one point muffin told me how much a pair of shoes cost that one of our friends just bought (who will by the way remain nameless cause she is a frequent character on this blog. hint hint). i screamed "oh my god!" so loudly that zack bruell (the owner) walked out onto the patio, laughing, asking what all the commotion was about. hysterical. he obviously then had to bust my chops.

i ordered hands down my favorite entree in all of cleveland, the seared sea scallops. they are served with spicy fingerling potatoes, and topped off with a chardonnay cream sauce with cilantro and tomatoes, it is gloriously delicious. muffin ordered a few sushi rolls and edamame. by the way, the sushi at parallax literally melts in your mouth. we got a frozen white chocolate mousse over a peanut butter cookie with blueberries for dessert and it was good. but i wouldn't order it again.

a second glass of wine and more laughing later, people were finally beginning to enter into our "private room". we wrapped up our meal. excellent food and excellent service as always.

next stop, southside. i have had a $25 gift card to southside for over a year. i haven't been there in forever! we got a couple of prime seats at the bar, watched the cavs game and had a lot of fun. muffin's sister came and met us and so did reese. i also ran into one of my clients, CC, we laughed our butts off and drank too much vodka.

i was back downtown by one and i am really digging this stop drinking once i get a buzz thing i have been doing. it stops me from having diarrhea of the mouth and feeling like poop in the morning. i like this trend!

all in all a wonderful friday night out. looks like tonight i'll be busting a move with wonger at touch old school hip hop night.

wanna come?


  1. You guys were having a rockin time last night! I could hear a lot of laughter and chatter through the walls:)

    I don't think the downstairs neighbor got a kick out of your good time though. They almost punched a hole through the floor at one point!:) (and of course every one of their bangs was followed by your laughter! Love it! :) )

  2. Another excellent unknown happy hour downtown: Bice--A VERY nice free appetizer spread (tomato/motzarella salad, penne arabiatta, little sandwiches, etc. usually enough to be dinner) with $4 imports and $5 well drinks and martinis. Outstanding.


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