from one extreme to another

Sunday, February 17, 2008

so after the gloriousness that was lanning's i decided to head to canton and go out with some friends. i met up with the nc (north canton) crew at this bar and honestly i don't even know the name. my friend oakes was celebrity bartending there and actually he drew a fun crowd. by the time i got there i was pretty much done drinking but biscuit was hammied enough for the both of us.

it was fun. j-birdie and i pretty much just ended up talking about if we were snobs or not, and if we were we just needed to embrace it. all while busting a move to michael jackson. guess you had to be there.

the bar also had these pull tabs to buy. i don't know how to explain them other than they are those instant bingo games that you buy at like a fair or bingo hall. can you tell the kind of place i was at? well i threw down a $20 and pulled my tabs till i was content. i won $25 bucks and per ry-guys gambling advice he told me just to ride it and go for the $800 prize. yeah that unfortunately didn't work out in my favor. i don't know how i am going to make it in the vegas!

we finally left the random bar and went to my favorite bar in nc. geisen haus.

i wish this place had a website because it is so hard to explain unless you have been there. when i titled this post from one extreme to another, this was what i was talking about. going from 5 star dining to a place that lets people throw peanut shells on the floor is quite the jump.

when i lived in canton my second home was the haus. my group of friends and i honestly thought it was the coolest place in the world. and at the time it was. but we all just kinda grew up...

well most of us grew up, i did at least.

it was weird walking in there because i ended up seeing so many friends that i haven't seen in forever. (jesse and kari i miss you!) seeing them brought all the memories back. my friend kelli and i searched the jukebox for all of the old songs we used to dance on the chairs to. they got rid of some of them (i'm going down - mary j blige), but christina aguilera's dirrty was still there. watch out boys. kelli's on the chair again.

the night ended well, i had fun with all of my friends and i was sober. go figure.


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