game day

Sunday, February 24, 2008

the follow are the games i played today with the georgia peach and her husband - who will FOREVER remain without a nickname due to his guitar hero taunting. uncle andy and jewfroblue also made guest appearances. it was the ultimate game day extravaganza of fun. perfect for a lazy sunday.

1. rock band - because this game is not available on wii, the georgia peach, her nicknameless husband and i played the game at best buy at steelyard commons for an hour. yes, we were those people. i was drums and i totally kicked ass! i'm a natural! and obviously humble. if i had this game in my apartment you all would never have anything to read because i wouldn't be doing anything but playing rock band.

2. smarty pants - thanks to jewfroblue bringing over his two wii handsets, all four of us could play this freakishly fun trivia game. it is great because you actually get to buzz in and answer questions. you do things like dance for more points and play tug-o-war for the right to answer correctly. what was not fun about this game was that while i am good at the fashion and entertainment questions. i am NOT good at the science questions. and i am especially sucky at science while playing with a bunch of med students. not fair.

3. guitar hero 3 - thanks again to jewfroblue for bringing over his guitar so that we could battle against each other. i was getting so angry that i couldn't beat the nameless husband. and his childlike taunting didn't help. beating uncle andy was doable (ha!) but it took forever for me to beat nameless. normally i am better than nameless at guitar hero but the battle was totally different. damn lefty double note hard level.

4. bubble bobble - yes, bubble bobble. old school nintendo style. what i didn't know was that with wii you can get vintage games. bubble bobble was one of my favorites back in the day and playing it now was so funny. spelling out e-x-t-r-e-m-e and grabbing the umbrella how retro. loved it.

5. trivial pursuit pop culture dvd 2 - even trivial pursuit is interactive now. nameless husband and i took on uncle andy and the georgia peach. it started taking forever towards the end because we couldn't get the right roll of the dice. we ordered chinese food and we weren't allowed to eat it till someone won the game. yeah that didn't last long.

now that's a lot of games. and now it is almost midnight and way past my bedtime. but the oscar's are still on and i have to see who wins best director and picture!


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