Sunday, February 10, 2008

i'm watching the grammy's as i type this. kanye just got done performing. and all i can say is if this tour...

... doesn't come to cleveland i am go to be SO disappointed. but if cleveland makes it on the tour schedule you can expect muffin and i to be dancing in the front row.

also, i know the performances aren't over yet but so far i've been pretty impressed with the grammy's thus far. the beatles tribute really got to me.

mom and poo poo i miss watching awards shows with you!

update: john mayer just got done performing with alicia keys (awesome) and the whole time he was on screen i couldn't get this picture out of my head...

... let's just say that i have a new found love for john mayer.

also, why is usher sitting in the prime front row corner spot. he hasn't done crap since yeah! and that was like 4 years ago. interesting.


  1. I am watching the Grammy's right now...and it's not even to the JOhn Mayer Alicia Keys performance...I"m really excited for this!!!! Yes...Kanye was hot...the BF and I were very impressed....

    I'm excited to see what else they have in store for us...if only I could drown out the barfing noises that the BF makes whenever Alicia Keys is on the tv...hmmm

  2. I miss watching with you too! It always was so much fun to realize how different our tastes were, ha! Remember Taylor Hicks? The Beatles thing scared me and practically put me to sleep. Kanye was great, at first I was all pumped up then almost crying. He is very good. I fell asleep right after though, I will be Youtubing Amy Winehouse shortly...
    I miss Britney.

  3. that's the only thing I could think of when he was performing too!


  4. It was the 50th anniversary of the Grammys, so I guess it was extra special. I miss watching award shows with you too Lex, you always made it more fun. So glad you appreciate the Beatles. John Mayer pic is just gross....

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