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Saturday, February 16, 2008

as i mentioned in the title of my last post i have been on a jim beam kick this week. my friend beam and i only hangout with each other on very random occasions. i started drinking it when i was back in canton after college and every so often i make it a beam night.

it started on tuesday...

the georgia peach had just taken her teaching praxis exam and after weeks of studying we just had to go celebrate. so dr wild, myself and the georgia peach went to sunset lounge for happy hour. they have $4 martini's and half off select sushi rolls everyday until 7pm (all night on monday). we had some martini's and sushi, then beam decided to make his appearance. after more chit chat and gossiping we moved our party to the map room where we met up with uncle pete and georgia peach's husband (who by the way says he is boycotting my blog till he gets a proper nickname other than just the georgia peach's husband. ha!). beam and i were still together, and per my mom's request i am no longer allowed to divulge my "drink count" in my blog. she says it just isn't classy... cause this whole blog is right?

we called it an early night, i think i was home by ten. but when i came home i was singing bone, thugs and harmony to my roommate bird. random

it continued on thursday...

as we all know thursday was valentine's day or as i like to call it, single's awareness day, aka SAD. kidding, i'm not THAT bitter.

my friend white just moved back to cleveland from FLA so we went out to celebrate her return. we didn't even go out till like 10. which by the way is normally when i'm in bed on school nights. but not on thursday, i honestly thought it was a saturday or something.

we started out at map room, where white is now working part time so to say the least we got hooked up with drinks and shots. bird was there too, as well as georgia peach's husband, donkers and uncle pete. it was a fun time but by midnight i was itching to dance.

beam and i were on a mission.

white, bird and i headed over to anatomy, (i told you that darn hot card was being ingrained into my head). unfortunately bird gave up and went home after she saw how packed the bar was. but white and i stayed and danced our butts off.

hip hop night at anatomy is all sorts of busy, but let's just say that i'm a minority in comparison to my fellow club goers. that doesn't bother me because i love dancing and obviously the dj's were awesome. although i accidentally think i bought two under age girls drinks. oops. i don't know their names but white and i were so impressed with them knowing all the words to this insanely fast hip hop song while busting out matching dance moves that i just had to but them both a drink. after talking to them more though i got a funny feeling they were underage. but i mean i NEVER drank before i was 21.

other than the fact that getting a drink was pretty difficult because the bar was 5 deep and there were only 3 bartenders on, i had so much fun. we danced till we were told we told we had to stop, and i walked my tired ass home. i did have to work in a few hours.

i woke up spry but a little foggy about the night before. i went to constantino's and got bagels for the office. i'm such a giver, even though it was wool man's idea.

basically beam and i had a nice affair this past week, but i think due to the head aches the next day we need to amicably separate for a little bit.

until next time.


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