it's a girl!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

well at least I say it's a girl.

last night the beav had myself, jilly, the giff, patti-o and mel over for a little dinner par-tay at her condo in westlake. everything was wonderful, thanks so much beav for having us over!

patti-o is preggers, she is due in april and seriously looks amazing! so we were all talking about names and what patti-o thought the sex was going to be. suddenly i was like we need to do the tried and true greek sex test (not sex sex silly! girl or boy sex. get your mind out of the gutter).

when i explained what it was i realized that apparently it isn't just a greek thing and a few of the girls had heard about it too. oh how i was lied to as a child! kidding mom.

anyways, basically you take the soon to be mom's wedding ring, and put it on a chain/necklace. you have the mom lay down on the ground and you raise the ring and chain combo three times over her belly. after the third raising of the ring if sways in a circle, it is a girl. if it goes in a line it is a boy.

i did the little test two times on patti-o and it said girl both times! luckily that is exactly what she wants. i have done the little trick thing to a lot of bellies and so far i have a perfect record.

here's hoping for patti-o's sake my streak continues!


  1. Sanchez is an awfully funny girl name!

  2. I didn't lie to you as a child. I don't even remember where you learned that, it wasn't from me. Maybe you learned it from some other Greek family member or one of your childhood Greek friends, so you thought it was Greek. Who remembers.....XOXO

  3. I agree with your mother since I never heard of that either! Most Greek women we knew just guessed the sex of the baby by the shape of your belly.

  4. I'm counting on you!!!!
    & am hooked on your blog too

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