leap night

Thursday, February 28, 2008

leap night, it only comes around every four years. and it just happens to be happening tomorrow. normally i don't care about the shortest month of the year adding an extra day but this year a really fun event is "popping up" in cleveland on leap night.

basically some people are turning a vacant lot on the east bank of the flats (between main ave and front street) into a winter wonderland from 6 to 11pm. there will be snow and ice installation (although i think we have a pretty good start), a winter forest, ice skating rink, snowboard ramp, live music, and even a rock band video game competition. ALL OUTDOORS!

they are also having a snowsuit fashion show which really makes me laugh. food and drink vendors will be available and all in all i think it is a really good use of the vacant space.

check out this link for more information and a map etc.

p.s. still sick!


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