now that's a good steak

Sunday, February 17, 2008

i thought i knew all of the nice restaurants in northeast ohio, but apparently there was one that somehow i missed. and i call myself a foodie.

lanning's restaurant in bath (near akron) was a hidden gem to me and i can't wait to go back for more.

it was my thea (aunt in greek) jo's birthday, and when my mom told me where we were going to celebrate i was like, wait, where are we going? i googled the name and found
their website. the site isn't anything crazy but i gathered that i was going to a nice steakhouse. i found out that there are at least two couples in my family that got engaged at lanning's, i guess it has been around for years, and some would call it a landmark. who knew??

we had a private room for all 18 of us (we also had family friends in from connecticut), and from the looks of the place i knew i was in for a good meal. we ordered lots of wine, and took a crap load of pictures. i had on a new dress, snap away paparazzi.

so i am constantly on the look out for a good caesar salad. not some heavy creamy grocery store bottled caesar dressing, but a caesar salad made the correct way. when i was young my favorite restaurant was a place in canton called topp's chalet (it burned down when i was in high school), they did table side caesar salad service. and i'm always looking for a salad that replicates that one. well i found it at lanning's it was the perfect combination on lemon, oil, garlic, parmesan and anchovies. delicious.

i got the filet mignon and scampi's as did pretty much everyone else at our table. all of us in unison agreed that it was the best steak they have had in a long while. also there was this fun baked potato topping bar that came with our meals that was so fun, especially for the kids.

by now i had consumed a few glasses of pinot when i had an a-ha moment. i'm glancing out through the full restaurant and i'm noticing all of the waiters and their helpers running around doing their jobs. and by all i mean we seriously had 8 different waiters for our table. anyways, i realized that i hadn't seen a single female staff member. what was this some sort of boys club? i decide to ask our "head server" why there were no females working with him. he said he honestly had no idea and would ask her manager. i wondered it it was because women don't look as good in tuxes.

i mean what if there was a fully qualified women who wanted to work there, would they turn her down? i decided that i needed to fill out an application. now obviously i'm not going to work at lanning's but it was principle.

then my cousin grog brought up a very good point. he's like, um alexa, what about hooter's or christie's? they don't exactly have male servers.


i decided not to turn my application in.

it was an interesting observation with the male wait staff and i'll just chalk it up to classic elegance. this was hands down one of the best meals i have had in a very very long time and if anyone out there has a special occasion to celebrate or if you just want a great steak, check the place out. it is well worth the drive.


  1. The Minister Of CultureFebruary 18, 2008 at 1:38 AM

    At the risk of divulging my true identity, I will tell you that I dined at Lannings on New Years Eve and it was great!Several members of my posse were very impressed with the cow, I on the other hand went for our little friend the lamb and was not dissapointed!The place is cool (circa 1970s) it's very old school,which explains the all male wait staff.The only down side is, on the night I was there , WE WERE DINING WITH THE LIVING DEAD! I don't think thier was a person there under the age of 70.The piano player was this lady that looked like Ben Franklin or that Quaker Oats person (to be honest with you I never knew if that was a man or a woman). In regards to the the salad it's good, but made table side would be so much better!

  2. Minister........the place was LITERALLY PACKED for my birthday (well, not FOR my birthday, but the night OF my birthday) so don't understand 'the living dead' comment! Maybe you should have done something else New Year's Eve...... you MUST have had other options, right??? Lannings has always been one of my favorite restaurants so my birthday was great in all ways (except that a certain person forgot my present..that SO fits!) and I, personally, LOVE having male waiters in their tuxes wait on me, so please don't make this an 'equal opportunity' thing!

  3. minister - yesssssss!!



    : )

  4. I usually hate the Grammer Police but this had me confused as well. So anyway, it is "Touché".

    Tous chez = all at in french.

    Thanks for indulging my inner geek!

  5. poo poo thank you so much!! i almost called you last night when i was typing up this post - i was googling all over the place trying to find out the correct way to spell "touche"

    you're so smart.

    oh wait, didn't you study abroad in quebec?

  6. stepho, if i come visit you in canton can we go to landings?

    alexa, dudes in tuxedos waiting on you is cool...leave it at that.

    who is the minister of culture?

  7. Yes, Teen we can go to "Lannings" it is half way between Cleveland and Canton...if and when you ever come. And Poo Poo I love the correction, so I'm not the only one.

  8. Blame Canada!
    This is cool, to get the é press control and E at the same time, then press E again...presto.
    They should have taught that in Spanish too! Wow, huge loser.

  9. Sutdy abroad in Quebec!! i love it!!! my family is from Canada...both cursed. Oh well...but they are Greek...that's all that matters! Well, for the most part they are...anyways...

    HOOTERS!!!! That's what I really wanted to say!! I got drunk at Hooters one night and the manager asked me to fill out an app...I spelled everything wrong and never got a call back...that's what happens when you give me pitchers of ice cold beer...hmmm ice. cold. beer. yum.

  10. Lex -love your your funny everything about you. but must request a retraction. am fearing that cousin grog comes thru the blog (did that rhyme?)as "insensitive meatheat" to clarify....i've never even been to Hooters or Christies (although the light show outside is a sort of haunted house way) I think the misquote may have stemmed from lots of wine(on your part) and whining (also you) in the room. my investigative skills kicked in and guess what? it was cousin Kate who made the gentlemen's club references. which is odd when you think about it. but in the end, regardless of where it came from, a good point. if the service at Lanning's ain't broke..don't fix it. and it definitely ain't broke.

  11. grog! hahaha. i'm sorry you sound a bit meatheadish. you were supposed to be coming off as freakishly smart for pointing out the obvious.

    of course you never go to those places!!!! : )

  12. oh topps... i actually watched it burn down. it was so sad. my mom worked there when she was young so we always went in there to visit w/the owners and stuff. they had amazing rolls! so sad its gone. weirdly, the lot is still vacant. i wonder if someone will ever build there again.


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