old school hip hop night

Sunday, February 24, 2008

"i got 5 on it" (old school hip hop night), is the best monthly in cleveland, and last night was no exception. although it is getting freakishly packed now. i think i kinda liked it better when i first started going in march of last year cause i had more room to dance. i'm greedy like that. oh well. good for touch supper club, and good for the awesome dj's that have created quite to following (mick boogie and terry urban). any dj's that play pharoahe monk "simon says" and the fresh prince of bel-air theme song on the same night are alright by me.

i danced my butt off and the basement of touch was seriously a sauna (don't worry wonger i won't post the pics of us looking like sweat balls). i will post some random crowd shots though.

so the camera action didn't stop there, but i didn't recall taking the following shots till i looked at my camera in the morning.

the following two pictures proves my maturing level at 3am last night.

someone that lives on my floor hangs these signs up right outside of the elevator probably every other weekend. and it bugs the shit out of me.

i'm such a brat! seriously, am i a freshman in hight school again?

so i went out TWO nights this weekend. i seriously don't remember the last time i did that. it was so much fun. happy monday. ugh.


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