paradise hotel 2

Friday, February 1, 2008

i have a friend from college that has been cast on paradise hotel 2. his name is james and starting this monday night, we are all going to watch the escapades that went down while he was living at a swanky resort with a group of "sexy" singles. oh yeah, it is also a competition. james is fighting to win cold hard cash.

we all started to hear the rumors awhile ago that james had been cast on the show, and eventually there was confirmation that he was filming.
i'm not gonna lie, this is quite a big deal for my little group of friends from UD. and i think i speak for the group when i say that when i think of james i see him as a nice and lovable, yet freakishly gorgeous surfer type dude from ohio. and to this day i can still sit and laugh when i think of my friends that he hooked up with back in the day (you know who you are), and all the late night dance parties. when james sent out a mass email to everyone with the following video in it, was when we got the first taste of paradise hotel 2. pure awesomeness.

a couple of days ago the following pictures started to circulate around the dayton crew and seeing james on a billboard in LA is hysterical. good to see he still looks the same from!

what i do know is that me and all of my friends are going to be tuning in to the fox reality station cheering james on. i hope you win all of the money buddy!


  1. That's hilarious! It's kind of weird to think that people on those kind of shows are actually real people and that people know them.

    Does that make sense? haha

  2. Party...Women...Where? Best line ever!!!

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  4. i meant to write "party, women, win"

  5. So which one is James?


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