plum head of the week 2.12.08

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

there are all sorts of new things going on with my little blog today! very exciting stuff kids.

i have come up with a set of survey questions that i have sent to a few friends and family. i personally think it is interesting to read other peoples thoughts and what they think about cleveland, and i'm vain, so what they think about me.

i have some pretty intelligent, beautiful, loyal and witty friends and they are all my biggest supporters so i figure i should shine the spotlight on them for a post. so once a week i will be posting my friends answers to the survey for you all to enjoy.

this weeks spotlight is on poo poo. for those of you that read my blog regularly you know that she has a starring role. she is one of my very bestest friends but at times i still think she hates me, probably because she tells me so. ha. i miss her because she had to go and get engaged to a boy named sampson in chicago and leave me. but it's ok because i heart sampson.

poo poo above anyone else encouraged, er, forced me into starting this blog and i really appreciate her pushing me because this blog has turned into just the bit of therapy i needed. thanks buddy.

anyways, the following is the first ever plumhead of the week post. enjoy.

Where are you typing from?
Chicago, Illinois. A cube about 20 feet from an office that overlooks the river. I’m kind of a big deal.

Assessor of risk

Relationship Status:

How do you know me?
Dayton. I don’t remember meeting you, you were just there. Best and worst semester of my college career! Since then you are like a sticky booger and I can’t get rid of you. Just kidding, I love you.

If you had to sell Cleveland to someone, what would you say?
Bone Thugs and Drew Carey, what else is there to say?

What’s your favorite part about Cleveland?
When I go back it feels like I never left. In the best way possible.

If you had a last meal on earth what would it be?
Mista Salad from Players
Angelos Pizza with Pepperoni and Mushrooms
Every one of those little dessert cups that they give you at Brio. MMMMmmmmmm

What’s your signature wedding drink?
Seven and Seven. No idea why.

Favorite Books?
To Kill a Mockingbird
The Other Boleyn Girl
Under a Marble Sky
Kama Sutra

Would you rather be the celebrity or in the entourage?
Entourage for sure. I would be Turtle.

Dream vacation destination?
French or Italian Riviera. But only if I was SUPER rich.

Favorite restaurant? (preferably in Cleveland)
Sans Souci

What’s your favorite blog (besides cleveland’s a plum)?
Does Perez count?

Least favorite day of the week?

What’s the oddest thing you have ever publicly witnessed?
Some guy wackin’ it in his car while driving around Crocker Park. Don’t worry, Muffin and I were Crime Stoppers! Where is Carl Monday when I need him.

What’s the next big thing you are looking forward to?

Oh….I mean the wedding.

What is a juicy bit of information that you think your fellow plum heads should know about me?
Your contact prescription and how thick your glasses are. Mwahhhh.


  1. Yay! I'm famous!
    If anyone knows anything about therapy, its this girl. I love you Lexi Poo Poo. Thank you for making me the first plum head of the week. I feel so honored, is that weird? I think you should answer the questions too for each person, or just in general. I miss you. So does Phil.

  2. Oh Poo Poo I was laughing sooo hard at your "juicy bit of information" answer about Alexa. It was great!!

    Love you Alexa.....

  3. The Minister Of CultureFebruary 12, 2008 at 9:08 PM

    I love the survey!!It reminds me of THE PROUST QUESTIONNAIRE on the last page of VANIYFAIR.In fact you could call yours THE PLUM QUESTIONNAIRE !!

  4. Oh poo poo. you put it all so well!


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