plum head of the week 2.19.08

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

this weeks plum head is my sissy! i basically had to chose her to due to the fact that she begged and pleaded to be next after poo poo. i'm not kidding kids. begged!

well i don't even know where to start with this introduction. my little sister (my only sibling), is 2 and half years younger than myself. we were at that glorious age difference where i was a senior in high school and she was a freshman. and i don't think that really work well for us. we fought a lot during high school and it wasn't until college that i think we really became friends.

obviously there was sibling rivalry as you will see from some of her answers, but looking back at it all now, i think my sissy really just wanted me to like her. i'm not going to lie, i wasn't always the most considerate of her and i wish i would have done somethings differently. but when it comes down to it, she is my only sister and that trumps everything else.

so now i want to finally spend tons of time with her and now SHE is too cool. karma's a bitch huh?

my sissy has always been very artsy. she went to university of the arts in philadelphia for photography and has never looked back in the direction of ohio. she now lives in manhattan on the upper east side working in photography and production management. she is always around celebrities and basically is way cooler than me. i have the utmost respect for what she is doing, especially for her age. she worked her butt off to get where she is.

she may be a horrible speller, a bit pig-headed and think she is cooler than most but she has a wonderful caring side that evens out that jaded new yorker in her. she is the only person on earth that has matching pajamas with me and we have worn said pajamas to bed on christmas eve every year since 1991, no joke (they were really big when we got them). i mean who else can you do that with but your sister?!?!

sissy you're my favorite and i love you!! xoxo

see below for her responses:

Where are you typing from?
New York City, if I tilt my head to the right I can see the empire state building.

Production Manager for a photography production company

Relationship Status:
in a relationship… but he’s in a different city

How do you know me?

If you had to sell Cleveland to someone, what would you say?
I’d tell them to talk to my sister....

What’s your favorite part about Cleveland?
My memories… My first concert without my mom… I went to go see… Lit at the Odeon, ha. it was a big deal for me at the time and boy did I think that lead singer from Lit was hot.. And all the times we used to go see shows at Playhouse Square.

If you had a last meal on earth what would it be?
Chicken Bryon from Carrabba’s! with the bread and a Caesar salad and garlic mashed potatoes

What’s your signature wedding drink?
Well… vodka tonic is pretty much my main stay.. but sometimes I get a little crazy at weddings and get a Shirley temple with vodka! The bartenders think I’m crazy and then they ask me for my ID

Favorite Book?
New York Magazine

Would you rather be the celebrity or in the entourage?
The celebrity

Dream vacation destination?
Anywhere I haven’t been.. but it has to do with a white sand beach and a clear ocean

Favorite restaurant? (preferably in Cleveland)
well I haven’t been to many restaurants in Cleveland. But we did have a great time with the family when we went to parallax. The sushi was great!

What’s your favorite blog (besides cleveland’s a plum)?
This is the only I read!! You should feel special sissy

Least favorite day of the week?
Ummm they’re pretty much all the same to me. I basically work any and every day of the week so they’re all the same...

What’s the oddest thing you have ever publicly witnessed?
Well I’m sure I’ve seen lots but the one that comes to mind right now is when I was out having drinks with some friends. we were sitting at a table, and there was a guy standing in between me and my friend with his back towards us. He started lifting his shirt and putting his hand down the back of his pants and scratching nearly hitting my friend with his elbow! He did this over and over and I finally tapped him on the shoulder and asked him to stop. He was with a group of friends and they all started making fun of him. Then he asked us to smell his hand!

What’s the next big thing you are looking forward to?
My birthday (march 25th)! I wanna have a big party! You’re all invited!

What is a juicy bit of information that you think your fellow plum heads should know about me?
Alexa is my big sister, and one of the joys that many of you may have experienced if you also have a big sister is that you were able to tell your sister secrets of first time experiences or special things that you didn’t want your mom to know... Well if you had a sister like Alexa that was impossible. I told her the first time I smoked pot and the next day she told my mother. And I told her I was going on birth control and she decided to announce it at my aunts house while we’re all eating dinner... she’s the sister that tells you what you’re getting for Christmas and that your boyfriend called her to talk about your Valentine’s day gift! She claims to be a good secret keeper to her friends and I’ve never heard any complaints but I know if I tell her something my mom’s gonna know soon!

[in my defense, these instances were a LONG TIME AGO! and obviously i just wanted all the heat off of me and turned on to her. i apologized! geez. don't even get me started on things she has done to me! ok, maybe there is still a LITTLE sibling rivalry! ]


  1. Long time ago huh? So Sissy was smoking pot and boning at the tender age of like 10 right? You just got called out! Woohoo. Good times on Cleveland's a Plum. I love it. Well done Sissy. Love you lex!

  2. OH! I love it!! I'm the little sister too...3.5's interesting! Maybe I'll do this with my brother and my mom and dad about Portland...ooooh that would be fun. (you're an inspiration to me!)

  3. but shhhhh! I'm tricking the bf and his roomies into doing it by saying it was a homework assignment! HAHAHAHA...I'm so clever!

  4. I'm going to try and make myself sound smart by making a literary reference. You are sooo the Anne Bolyn to your sister's Mary!
    Are you trying to bed the king??

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  6. so we all know your last name now because of the1st c-rossi.

  7. The Minister Of CultureFebruary 20, 2008 at 1:52 AM

    I would have love to have been a fly on the wall in your aunt's dining room when Alexa ratted you out about the birth control!Iv'e never seen Pinot Noir come out peoples'noses before.

  8. 1st c rossi!- yay for making your first comment! i love it. you know that the marinos sisters heart the rossi's forever!

    minister- it was awkward at best. i'm horrible! it was like a record scratched in a movie and all the attention was drawn to sissy and i. oops.

    watchful eye - for never having really ANYTHING nice to say and all and all being pretty gosh darn bitter about my blog with every comment you leave, you sure seem to check the site all the time. for it being something you dislike so much. you're ip address is all over my shit a lot more than others. i'm guessing it's like a love hate relationship right?? : )

  9. Um Sissy my favorite drink is the Shirley Temple and I never even thought of putting Vodka in it!! You should be a bar tender!!

  10. YAY!! sissy! you really do love me!

    Thanks for putting my survey next! i can't wait to read more!

  11. OMG your sister lives here... and works in photography too.... wow crazy! give her my email, id love to meet for lunch!

    PS... i always wish i had a sister, and after reading this im a lil sad. you are both so lucky

  12. so sorry you think I don't like your blog alexa.i even went back to see what i said those 3 times that might have given you that idea & still don't know except for maybe the place where you chose not to write much and so i thought that day was boring compared to most of the interesting stories you usually write. maybe its like e-mailing where people don't get your intonation?

  13. aw thanks watchful! i totally understand.

    thank you so much for reading!!

    : )


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