prune of the week 1.28.08

Friday, February 1, 2008

for the last month or so cleveland's nbc affiliate wkyc has been running promos for "the investigator". they never say his name just called him "the investigator" and tell the viewer that he is coming, the marketing geniuses that they are hooked my interest. it was seriously driving me nuts as to who this famed investigator was. it ended up being tom meyer, yawn. (but click here for a very funny parody about him)

so wkyc had a new investigative reporter and it was now his job to dig up dirt and things going a muck in northeastern ohio. now while tom meyer himself is not my prune of the week. the following video is the promo that has been taking over the airwaves for the past week is seriously the most over dramatized piece of television ever (turn your volume down kids, it's a loud one).

that promo is not good for children to see/hear. it is kinda scary and they have been airing it throughout the early evening on nbc for a week. poor kids that see it probably had to ask mommy, why is the lady screaming? and that really dries my plums.

last night the piece was finally aired on the 11 o'clock news, and if you are interested in seeing what the above video was all about you can watch the story here (way to make canton proud stark county policemen). i do honestly feel sorry for the woman, so i'm also giving a prune of the week award to canton police department. boo.


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