prune of the week 2.11.08

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

i save $50 a month by parking in an outside lot on west 9th instead of parking in the garage in my building. i don't mind it because it's only half a block to get to my apartment from the lot, and i save $600 a year that in turn i can go and buy a new bag with. plus when it's nice out i think it's fun to walk past all the restaurant patios and see who's out and about.

i'm forever a gadabout.

so because i park outside it leaves my car accessib
le to all sorts of street teams and event promoters who leave "hot cards" on my windshield. almost every friday, saturday and sunday morning there is some sort of promo item on my car. normally i just throw it away but sometimes i try to get rid of the card and it isn't even possible.

see below:



it's like the gift that keeps on giving.

if there is any bit of moisture on the window when the card is placed it dries up by the morning and the card sticks like glue to the windshield. ANNOYING!

not only do i have to stare at "i heart hip hop" from the inside of my windshield, but i now have to take the time to razor blade the thing off my windshield in zero degree weather. damn flyer.

there has got to be some way to stop this constant decoration of my car, maybe i'll write my councilman (joe cimperman) and see if he can pass a law or something. because i'm fed up with getting things glued to my car, especially a month before i have to turn it in. that REALLY dries my plums.

maybe i'll just go to anatomy tomorrow and make the people who put the card on my car buy me a drink, or two.


  1. I second the motion! Let's start a petition and hand it over to old Joe. I dream at night about catching those sneaky bastards assaulting my car with their drivel! And "I 'heart' Hip Hop" is tame! What about the half-naked floozies under headings like "HOT, YOUNG SLUTS AT SHADOWS NIGHTCLUB"...alright, I'm exaggerating a bit...but not much.

  2. Finally a voice for the People!!! I hate those dirty mothers leaving crap all over my car too. On some saturday night I would like to bring bags of garbage into those clubs and dump them on the floor.

  3. I'm so glad that I live on a hill that flyer-passer-outers don't dare to trek! That would should leave them a note on the inside of your car that says "If you put anything on my windshield I will find you...I have a dashcam installed" or something like that! Try and scare them away!!! I'm glad Portland doesn't have this problem all the time...
    Clbake: I love your exaggeration!!!

  4. I would have rather had the "i heart hip-hop" than the parking ticket frozen to my windshield this morning.

    Do I still have to pay it if it disintegrates with my washer fluid?

  5. The Minister Of CultureFebruary 14, 2008 at 11:38 PM

    You do realize that this issue can have national implications!Heres the deal.If Joe Cimperman gets his arms around this issue and runs with it (which he should),he will beat that little weasel in the election in March then go on to win in November catapulting himself into the U.S. CONGRESS!!This flyer issue is going to CHANGE THE FACE OF A NATION!


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