prune of the week 2.4.08

Thursday, February 7, 2008

so i went to see wicked last night with my mom and cousins, and it was just as amazing as the first time i saw it. wanna know a secret about me? i'm a sucker for musicals. i love every single one of them. i can't wait to go see the little mermaid on broadway. although i'm nervous that i'll start singing from the audience. [part of your woooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrld!!]

and i digress. don't worry, wicked is NOT the prune.

what people wore to see wicked is my prune. theater attire does not include sweats. i was appalled with some of the outfits that i saw. granted playhouse square is not broadway but as far as regional theaters go you can't top the square and your should respect that.

one of my fondest memories as a child is going to playhouse square with my family. my sissy and i would have on matching dresses with bows in our hair, and we would stare out the car window looking at the big city while asking about "the dragons" that lived in the sewers. it was an event. and i think everyone thought of it as such. back in the day people dressed up to go see shows and unfortunately that isn't the case anymore.

last night you saw anything and everything in regard to attire.

normal: a cute jewish grandmother in a mink, a trendy downtowner in a black dress and boots (me), a stylish couple in dress slacks, heels and a nice sports coat

not normal: starter jacket (i'm not lying), black sweatpants with a over sized gray t-shirt, mexican tuxedo (jean on jean action)

please, stay classy cleveland. friends don't let friends wear jeans/sweats to the broadway series at playhouse square.


  1. Oh that would have bothered me, too. Get a clue, people. Learn what to wear and where to wear it. (Wow, that was alot of "wears"). haha...

    I haven't seen Wicked yet, but I really want to. The premise sounds like it would be cute. I've only seen a couple musicals and love them: Phantom of the Opera (twice) and Hairspray (in Chicago). And the Nutcracker, I guess I would count that too, since it was really cool (I don't care how old I was when I saw it).

  2. The Minister Of CultureFebruary 7, 2008 at 11:32 PM

    Bravo, Bravo, Bravo,well said!!I could not agree with you more!I've seen Le Mis, The Phantom, The Producers,and 42nd Street,all at Playhouse Square.Each time nattily attired in suit&tie.Here's the deal,1)You must respect the venue(Playhouse Square is beautiful and well preserved and we are lucky to have it.)2)you must respect the thesbians in these road companies,(remember,if you can see them, they can see you!)3)You must respect the whole CULTURE of the theatre,it,s the highest form of live art,it's what separates us from the Apes(that and of course apposable thumbs).Remember,you eat for yourself,but you dress for theoi people!

  3. The Minister Of CultureFebruary 7, 2008 at 11:44 PM

    Sorry about the typo but theoi is actually Greek for THE.

  4. I will have to say ditto to everything you are saying. I work at Playhouse Square and I hate it hate it that people think they are going to see a movie. They aren't. I grew up in Cleveland theatre scene and it was a big deal to get all dressed up to go see the theatre. Honestly people you have a pair of khakis, you have something better than jeans and sweats WEAR THEM. The theatre is an experience don't ruin the experience for everyone else.

  5. I too would like to see Wicked,I don't suppose any of those witches get nicked!How about that Dorothy she's kinda hot!You know I'm not 100% made of straw part of me is made of wood.Why do you think I snitched that oil can from the Tin Man?And don't even get me started about the King of the Forrest!And that foursome lying down in the poppy fields,oh my god no wonder that stuff is illegal!Why do you think THE WIZARD had to stay behind that curtain!?You know you take a girl from Kansas to Emerald City, and it's like GIRL GONE WILD! I know ,I know what happens in Emerald City stays in Emerald City!But I could tell you stories that would curl a winged monkeys tail!!By the way those little dudes are crazy!!I could tell you more, but I think Baum would haunt me from his grave.

  6. The Minister Of CultureFebruary 8, 2008 at 1:26 AM

    Hey mob,I like the fact that you stay up late . I assume every one reads me in the morning.I love the theatre. Keep up the good work!

  7. Lies, lies ,and more lies!!Don't believe a word the The Scarecrow says.Remember that asshole does't even have a brain!Oh yeh the Wizard gave him that "diploma"and that pretty much like an "honorary oscar" big deal!It's all untrue except that part about the foursome in the poppy fields,that stuff is wild!!And if a guy named Uncle Ed tells you he had his way with me in the storm cellar,he's another lier!And the winged monkeys ,those little auto-eroticating dudes are crazy.

  8. First of all, if you see Little Mermaid, I better be with you. Secondly, DON'T sing out loud because then I will and little houndogs will get scared and start howling.
    I totally agree with you about theater attire. But are you also of the thought that you need to get spiffed up to get on an airplane? I am all for sweats on an airplane. Ha, sweats on a plane, WHO PUT THE MOTHERF*CKIN SWEATS, ON THE MONTHERF*CKING PLANE?

    Oh and isn't it a Texas Tuxedo?

  9. Great prune! My mom makes a point of flying into the Cleve once or twice a year to see a show (to date: Hairspray, Chicago, Spamalot, Wicked and The Lion King). A self-proclaimed musical nut, she has always been EXTREMELY impressed by the beauty and history of Playhouse Square as well as the superior production quality. Unfortunately, we always feel a little foolish in our natty though WE were the ones at fault (then we just get loaded at Star and could care less). Kudos to Alexa for giving a voice to the fancy dressers of the world! Yourrrrrrr clothes may be, Beau Brummely, they stand out a miiiiiiiiiiiile…

  10. lexa!!
    so we have an really funn night including the ongoing pirate jokes and sitting around the table laughing.. o and lets not forget me beating your butt in the cherry stem concert and we dont even get a mention....we're just "the cousins" haha
    im just yahh


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