Wednesday, February 27, 2008

i had another morning like this today. thankfully though i didn't have to spend any extra money.

but i'm sick.

i have been fighting a cold, the flu and my sanity all winter. normally i don't get sick. i tend to work through it, i just stick a bunch of zicam up my nose and hope for the best. usually it works. but right now the cold is definitely winning the fight.

when i woke up this morning my throat felt about as big as a pea. not a good sign. i'm too busy at work right now to be sick so obviously calling off was not an option. so i pack all my stuff up and walk to my car. and guess what's wrong with my little jetta?

frozen doors.

it was 17 degrees out and after 20 minutes of trying to thaw out my door so it would open i finally burst into tears. i felt like shit and the last thing i wanted to do was be standing out in the snow. the awesome thing is that the tears were literally freezing to my cheeks. talk about pathetic.

the best things was that while i was crying i was kinda laughing and muther f@cking the world. people in suits were walking by me as i'm attempting to use my scrapper as a crowbar trying to pry the door open. it was quite a sight.

a few of my friends (salty the kid and trapper) walked by and tried to help me. nothing. i finally gave up and crawled through the back door again. i drove to work and tried to open the door from the inside.

it opened, go figure.

it's time for tylenol pm and bed. i have plans for tomorrow and i am not about to miss them. i'm also going to michigan on saturday and i am not all about being down with the sickness.

i don't have time for this. ugh.


  1. Feel better, Lexy! We have a big night ahead of us!!!

  2. I love you more than Buzz Lightyear, I love you more than Wiggle Pooh, I love you more than Bouncing Tigger, I love you more than my stuffed animal George that I sleep with every night except for now because my mom's dogs chewed it apart.

  3. I think you need to start carrying a mug of hot water with you when you go to your car in the morning. I used to do that when my windsheild would freeze worked like a charm.
    I hope you feel better. the BF's friend has this remedy for sickness...any sickness really (the flu, cold, std's, aids...etc...) Drink a glass of room temp water with 2 airborne's in them and then an hour later drink another glass of room temp water with a alka seltzer cold and flu in it and one airborne. He swears by it...I dunno if I do though. Sounds interesting enough.
    Get better friend!

  4. MOB made me laugh.
    I hope you feel better. Drink Screwdrivers tonight, OJ is good for sick girls!

  5. Good advice poo - screwsdrivers and vodka crans - lots of vitamin C and vodka.

    And they say there's no cure for the common cold...pish posh!

  6. Lexy Poo! I hope you feel good enough to enjoy our Ultimate Girls Night!!


    Let's carpool to crop! The 5 minute walk would be too lonely without you!


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