Wednesday, February 13, 2008

i'm trying to lose 20lbs in time for all of the booty shaking that is going to go down when i'm in vegas end of april. it's a goal, and so far the scale is going down so i can't really complain. but there are constant temptations around every corner for me. take my office for example. there are bowls and jars of candy EVERYWHERE.

i walk pass these bowls like 20 times a day and i have to ignore the gloriousness that are reese's peanut butter cup hearts and take a life saver instead. on a positive note, who doesn't love fresh breath?

there are also tons of candy machines for me to choose from...

not gonna lie it's pretty difficult to not grab a handful of m & m's every time i walk into the kitchen. but i've cut it all out. go me.

on a workout level i am no longer taking the elevator to get to my office (on the 5th floor), and i'm done with the elevator in my apartment building too (4 floors up). i also got a personal trainer at the downtown ymca where i work out, and i literally just stopped being sore from my session on monday. he's tough!

so wish me luck!


  1. I hear you...I have no self-control when it comes to candy and sweets, especially if it's free and just sitting there in the office kitchen, staring at me. Gahh!

  2. Good luck, hon! I'm on a weight-loss program too.. I just gotta get my ass in gear with the exercise. But the dieting? Sucks. Especially with all the temptation at my office.

    I mean, freakin' EH.

  3. YOU GO GIRL!!! Vegas...Vegas...Vegas...Vegas...

  4. Gooooo Lexi Poo! Very proud of you. We are going to rock the Vegas...which is Spanish for "The Vegas".

  5. You can do it, you can do it!

  6. I think if I'm going to be in Vegas for my bday...and possibly meeting up with you girls...I should shed some poundage as well!!!
    I just walked 10 blocks back to my office instead of taking the trolley...thats a step in the right direction right? Good thing I don't have an elevator in my crappy building...I'd be taking it all the time!! haha...
    I don't think I have a temptation problem with sweets...it's more like fast food...Taco Bell, Burger King...Jack in the Crack...I love it all. But I'm 138 now...and I want to be 128 by April! WOOOP!

    swinsuit season is just around the corner, yikes!

  7. Good for you girlfriend. It's all about willpower!!!

  8. Those SweetTarts are killer. I eat like 20 a day.


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