to the groundhog!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

happy groundhog day y'all! i'm typing this blog from good 'ol canton where i'm sure there will be some major shenanigans going down this evening. tomorrow the post should be interesting...

picture this, dayton, 2002. i'm sitting on a porch smoking, either at 35 or 102 (help me out ladies i don't remember which). my friends and i were a bit hungover from the night before trying to muster up the energy to continue what we did best at that age, drink.

not that we ever needed an excuse to drink during college but for some reason the night was starting out slow. suddenly there was a revelation! we needed to buck up and rally, for today was groundhog day! drinks began to be poured, kegs were tapped and with every glorious swig the shout went round...

to the groundhog! to the groundhog! to the groundhog!

i know the memories have become foggy but the legend of groundhog day 2002 will forever live on.

so per tigger's request - we must all raise our glasses to our little friend the groundhog. may he bring us spring as soon as his little rodent body can (preferably before the indians home opener)

update: punxsutawney phil predicted more snow. boo!


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