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Monday, February 4, 2008

thursday thru sunday (cliff notes version)

two of my dear friends that i used to work with are leaving my old company and their current positions. one if them- heathbar- is moving all the way to kansas, yes kansas. and the other one-wonger- got a new kickass job in marketing at a beverage company. i am so excited for both of them and their new life paths that they have chosen. i wish you both tons of luck, and i know you'll both do awesome.

so because they are leaving their current job/state you know what that means, a going away party! right after work i headed over to d'vine wine bar to meet everyone. it was such a good time, i got to hangout with a lot of my old coworkers and friends but after 4 glasses of vino i was spent and needed to walk my butt home.

i met JT for lunch at tastebuds and hopefully i pointed him in the right direction for a new job!!

friday night on the other hand i did absolutely nothing. and i loved every minute of it. i had to get up early in the morning to drive to canton for a hair appointment so i needed my beauty sleep. but wait, i got none. why you ask? because my apartment building CAUGHT ON FIRE! no joke, on fire.

around 11:30pm the fire alarm started going off. living in a big apartment building, (or think back to when we all lived in dorms), the fire alarm going off really didn't cause anyone to run for the exits. everyone kind of just ignored it if they didn't smell smoke. it was purely a nuisance that you just wanted to be over. that sounds so bad now that i read it... anyways, the alarm goes off for a good 20 minutes and i try so hard to ignore it. i go out on my deck and make sure that i don't see smoke anywhere, nothing. i try to go back to bed. long story short the alarm goes on and off continuously till 6am! it stops for a half hour then starts up again. repeat. at one point i was so tired and angry i was about to check into a hotel. it wasn't until sunday though that i realized that my building really was on fire. the garbage shoot in the second half of the building was all a flame. there wasn't any major damage or injury thankfully, other than my lack of sleep.

groggily i get up to head to canton. i make it to the salon right on time. color, nailed it. cut, 3 inches off (i'm thinking about chopping it all off but i don't have the guts right now). next it was on to shopping and dinner with my mom. i got some shoes (a cute pair of gold coach flats and a casual pair of michael kors tennis shoes), i found a lacy top and a great spring jacket (both black obviously).

by now it was 5:30 and stepho and i wanted an early quick dinner close to the mall where we were. bravo it is. problem though, it was winter homecoming for a lot of area high schools. i.e. lots of scantily clad teenagers who were over tanned and all in all looked sleazy. (jenna-if i ever see you wearing some of the outfits i saw these kids in i will personally buy you something new). no 15 year-old should be wearing a pink leopard strapless mini dress. where are their mothers?!?!?! ugh. the wait to get a table was redunkulous but luckily we snagged one at the bar. score.

dinner was good but it was time to go hangout with my friends. i haven't introduced you all to my nc (north canton) friends. i haven't been home to go out in awhile so i was ready for a bunch of rowdiness. most of which i can't even put in this post (i'm guessing some of you can put two and two together).

here's the cast of characters for the evening. biscuit- one of my very best friends from home. she recently broke up with her boyfriend of like seven years (on thursday actually), so she was in need of a fun night with her friends. boogs and toots, the newly weds (i was in their wedding in september). j-birdie and keter-o also my dear friends, they are engaged and getting married in october. j-birdie actually officially asked me as well as biscuit and toots to be on program and bubble patrol for her and keter-o's wedding. obviously we all said yes, i mean we even get a corsage! sweet moves and his new fiancee aly (the ring is gorgeous!), came to the bar and met us straight off of a plane from vegas. talk about dedication!

side note - i think i need some single friends

just because these people are married/engaged it doesn't mean that they don't still party like rockstars. we were celebrating biscuit's singledom so we had to go nuts. one thing though - i don't want you all to think that i don't like biscuit's ex-boyfriend because i do like him. he is actually one of my good friends. BUT, he really didn't make the best boyfriend, and i think the break up is for the best...

it was a wine night and we so weren't at a wine bar. but i decided to save us all money by buying a bottle of the house red. it just happened to come in a 1.5 liter bottle. classy broads. we drank two of those between the 5 of us. not to mention lots of bombs. remember, it was a special occasion!

obviously i wasn't driving home at this point and we all went back to biscuit's house and stayed up way too late but had a good time of course.

man did i feel rough after saturday night. but not as bad as i had thought. i hung out with stepho all day but decided by about 3pm that i was not going to participate in any major super bowls parties. i had a few options but they all required me showering and looking presentable. yeah, that wasn't going to happen. what i did do was head over to the beav's in westlake and watched the first half of the super bowl with jilly, the giff and hondo. thanks for cooking all of the glorious food beav. i enjoyed eating it. oh, and giff, i hope your face feels better!

i had a great weekend and going home to canton and hanging out with my nc friends was just what i needed.


  1. Poor biscuit, breaking up sucks, at first at least. Stay strong and keep your chin up, you are HAWT and loads of fun.

    The font is definitely too big now. Just my opinion!!

  2. I agree with Poo Poo about the font...but love it!

    Okay girl, the reason you felt like crap in Sunday was because you drank Red Wine and THEN Bombs! WTF are you thinking!? You are the rockstar!!!

    I need to go home and visit my hometown friends and post about them...yikes.

    (Umm...all my friends are married or engaged too...and I think the BF is feeling some pressure!! HA!)

  3. Awww... I finally made it in the blog!!! Damn, I have to break up with my bofriend to be exciting enough to talk about. That's sad.

    Sooooo glad you came home! Mwah!

  4. haha...thanks for the reference!
    ..and good news i already got my dress for the dance and it does not involve leopard print or strapless haha

    its all good =]

  5. The Minister Of CultureFebruary 5, 2008 at 11:21 PM

    First of all in regards to your unpresentability to going to a super bowl party remember 5 things 1)deodorant,2)listerine,3)black turtleneck sweater,4)ballcap,5)top it off with a blazer and your good to go!You'll have that whole movie director thing goig on i.e. Ron Howard,Steven Spielberg,& Penny Marshall!

  6. The Minister Of CultureFebruary 5, 2008 at 11:43 PM

    Futhermore I agree with little bull thier are definite orders to follow when drinking smart.Never mix red wine and bombs!Remember"WE FOLLOW ORDERS OR PEOPLE DIE IT'S JUST THAT SIMPLE"

  7. The Minister Of CultureFebruary 5, 2008 at 11:56 PM

    One last comment,poo poo & little bull I don't know what your looking at, the font is still very small. It's like reading the terms & conditions on the back of my credit card agreement!Opps!!My A.P.R.just whent up to 27%,see what I mean!

  8. minister - i LOVE all of your comments. thanks!

    random question... do i know you??


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