what did they do?!?!?

Thursday, February 21, 2008




i don't believe that ben wallace is now a cleveland cavalier.

i don't believe that we no longer have drew gooden or larry hughes or donyell marshall or shannon brown or ira newble


i think i just cried a little bit on my laptop. all of my years of HATING, i mean HATING ben wallace and now he's here. shit.

we also got some "sharp shooter" from the sonics named wally

i sure as hell hope this doesn't back fire on us.


  1. that's kinda like when we got Oden here...and then "mysteriously" a month later he was hurt and not able to play. BS! We should have picked durrant!! DAMNIT!
    I don't like ben wallace. I saw him place against the blazers a couple weeks ago...he's goofy.

  2. How could this be bad? We are now the official city of the Afro!!! Anderson Varejao wig night begets Ben Wallace wig night! I think its time to grow my hair out again!

    Just wait until Big Ben remembers what its like to be on a winning team..he'll be the badass enforcer he's always been..especially against DEEETROIT. Thats a pretty, pretty, pretty intimidating frontcourt: Z, Big Ben, Andy, and Bid Daddy Joe Smith!

  3. wally szczerbiak used to play for the minnesota timberwolves, a team that usually has about 150 spectators at their games. the only consolation, he's pretty darn cute.


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